There’s [gotta be] an app for that

I didn’t participate in Black Friday but I definitely did Cyber Monday albeit not intentionally.

In our small family, all adults, xmas is a toned down affair but we do exchange gifts. Because ALL of us are struggling to downsize our possessions, we email a specific list of things we actually need or want, with links if they are available online. Note that we do also buy local when we can.

As hard as we try to keep on top of the xmas lists, it can get totally out of control. Like the year I asked for an extra pair of Smartwool leggings and two people bought them 🤣. That was a good thing though. It’s always fine to have an extra pair or two of something you wear literally every day (in season). I suppose it’s why I have 11 tie-dyed t-shirts.

So I was in a mess again this year. Lists got added to and people talked about what they were gonna buy for others and, well… This morning my mouse was over for a while due to some vee-hickle maintenance [delete long boring logistical car appointment stuff – you’re welcome]. She was doing some spreadsheet work before work-work and volunteered to compile all of the stuff into an online spreadsheet* including items people had already volunteered to buy. And even the weird thing the GG asked for that isn’t on a list anywhere.

There HAS to be an app for handling shared gift lists. Every year I think I’ll look for one and every year I fail to get around to it.

And then there’s MY LIST. This year there are two things on it. A small tapestry loom (I hope I push myself to use it) and more styluses for my iPhone so I don’t have to take my gloves off to use it when I’m walking in Old Man Winter. Somehow these things have a habit of making their way OUT of my pockets. Maybe I just need to dedicate a SEPARATE pocketses for styluses alone.

But what else do I need? I don’t need ANYTHING!

*Oh, not that I can’t make spreadsheets. I have been making spreadsheets since Excel was Visicalc and I make/maintain them at teleCubelandia all the time. Once when I was a middle school PTO treasurer, I was at a meeting and somebody called me a Spreadsheet Queen. Somebody else joked about that being better than a Bedsheet Queen. Except that I could be called that too given all of the bedsheets I have laundered in my life. It was nice for somebody else to make a spreadsheet for MEEEE for once. A person who wasn’t born when I learned Visicalc.

One Response to “There’s [gotta be] an app for that”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t do a spreadsheet to save my life, but we aren’t gift giving among adults this year. Yay! We can focus all our energies on Niko although his parents are anti-gift(too many of them anyway) and not doing Santa. Party poopers!