I am a blank babbling bunch o’ blather

It was one of those days when I felt like I earned my pay. At one point I was on the Hot Seat. I mean that in a virtual sense. In reality I was Sittin’ on the Green Couch (watching all the dogz go by) and it is not hot on the Green Couch at this time of year, which is a good thing.

While I was in the Hot Seat, it was pointed out (forcefully) that I had made an error. Horrors! But I had! And I even knew I had. What had I been thinking? Nothing like sitting through a (forceful) critique of your writing. But we got it all straight in the end.

Most people don’t critique my blahg writing even though I do make typos and misspellings and often just plain write gobblety-gook. Like today. I don’t really care. I actually LIKE when people point out misspellings. You won’t find too many, mostly because wordpress catches most of them but also because spelling is innate for me. That doesn’t mean I’m smarter than other people, it just means I’m good at spelling.

There are words I intentionally misspell. Prodject for one. That’s how one of the beach urchins spelled it when she was an emerging speller. She’s been as good or better at spelling than me forever. Aminal? This goes waaaayy back to when I was visiting my cuzzint Pooh when she was in grad school at Moo-U. I attended a big lecture-style class with her and watched her spell animal that way umpteen bazillion times as she was taking notes. She is definitely a good speller and I may be misremembering this but somehow it stuck with me all these years. We have always called our collection of Landfill stuffties aminals. Stuffties isn’t a misspelling, it’s a made-up word. And cuzzint isn’t really either a misspelling or a made-up word. It is an interpretation of what some little kids call cousins because that’s how they’ve interpreted the word as they have heard it and are too young to figure out the spelling rules of the English language. I loved having cousins (and still do) and didn’t care what they were called. Friends🧡🧡🧡

And now Maggie is on satty-lite radio and I’ll stop. Maggie dredges up some weird memories that aren’t really a big part of my life from the getgo. Oh man, actually two sets of them. Maybe someday I will figger out a way to write about them. Or not… No big movie deal in either case.

One Response to “I am a blank babbling bunch o’ blather”

  1. Margaret Says:

    In my birth family it was piss-sketty (spaghetti) and anamule (animal). There were the inevitable inside jokes too. In my married family, not as many of those; I’m not sure why.