Negative blurbs

Ugh 1: The Great Lake State has now had a school shooting that killed at least four. Preliminary evidence points to premeditation. I never worried about my kids getting shot at school. I remember Columbine as the beginning of all this even though it probably wasn’t. Me and my buddy Vicky were walking up Arborview and a woman I had never talked to before asked us if we had heard about the shooting at Columbine. I had a kid at our local Community High and we didn’t hear her accurately at first. What? I did the math and realized that my kid was probably home by then. But it wasn’t her high school, thank you. I am not anti gun but there’s a huge continuum between “Beto’s gonna take all your assault rifles away” and responsible, thoughtful policy about how to manage civilian weaponry so that (as ONE example) children are not killing other children. I mean we have all kinds of rules about automotive vee-hickles, don’t we? They also kill a lot of people.

Ugh 2: Omicron in the US? Why is anyone surprised? COVID (alpha?) was here long before we knew it too. Don’t deny it. Potential COVID (breakthrough) exposures messed with our SMALL Thanksgiving family event although that story ultimately had a good ending. My boss scheduled an in-person holiday lunch for today and I skipped it, even though it was “outside”. No one was pressured to attend. I sooooo like that my boss and team are both serious about COVID protocols and laid back about attending holiday events. I mean, even before COVID there were people who didn’t because they were busy doing WORK and/or are introverts.

Ugh 3: Supreme Court? I have always been staunchly on the pro-choice side of this. I can’t even say anything more about this tonight. I had this stuff on the radio this morning but I was working and couldn’t (and didn’t want to) pay total attention to the details of the conversations but I could hear tones of voice come through. As always throughout my life, the MEN were talking as if they knew everything about the subject (childbearing) and the highly intelligent, credentialed, and experienced women did not. I have no more words here for now so I’m done.

But then, somebody on the radio was talking about how the former guy was anti-abortion. The former guy has one litmus test for any kind of policy and (in my opinion) it has nothing to do with abortion. Does it help him (former guy) or does it help his rival? Whatever rival he has at the moment. It’s okay with me if it’s a TV reality show rival. It’s not okay when he is vying for president of the United States. I yelled, “F*CK TRUMP”. The GG told me that was not a lady-like thing to say. I replied, “I’m not lady-like”. He knew what I was about when he married me.

5 Responses to “Negative blurbs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am upset about all of those things. I’m feeling despondent and powerless these days. Not my favorite emotions. And yes F*CK TRUMP as well.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I absolutely ditto Margaret. I’m beyond furious.

  3. Pooh Says:

    TFG pretty much summed up his “very stable geni/us/talia” with his remark about women will still get abortions, they just won’t be legal! (or safe…) I wonder how many abortions he’s paid for or pressured women to get.
    Missouri’s #1 stand in for Trump was spouting off last night, so I was saying “FUCK HAWLEY”!

  4. Pam J. Says:

    Ugh 1: agree
    Ugh 2: agree
    Ugh 3: agree
    yes, F*** TFG

  5. Pam J. Says:

    Ugh 1: agree
    Ugh 2: agree
    Ugh 3: agree