Green Beer, Potato Parties, Prime Rib, Manhattans, Dawgs & Possums, and green Dr. Seuss-Type Hats

Or something. Lemme see… If you are Kayak Woman and Karen and you need a night where you can talk and drink and not worry about anybody driving home, it either has to be summer at the beach or you have to figure out a time when a) Kayak Woman is not gallivanting around out of town somewhere and b) Karen is not driving a trackmeet carpool or fulfilling any number of umpteen million other obligations. Or gallivanting out of town somewhere.

We needed a night like that. Ol’ Kayak Woman was actually going to be *on* The Planet Ann Arbor for the weekend and relatively unencumbered. Karen was similarly unencumbered. So I asked, “doyawanna shuttle on down up to The Planet and we’ll go to Knight’s?” And I can’t even articulate the response but it was definitely positive, if somewhat unintelligible.

We headed downtown to Borders to connect Pengo and one of her friends up with another friend who goes to the UM. It was a pretty nice day out but pretty cold and I could not for the life of me figure out why there were so many weird and/or drunk looking people around. But I don’t go downtown very much any more, so who was I? After a while, it sunk in that a lot of them were wearing obviously green items of apparel, arguably not the favorite color around this planet. Finally someone more in tune with the world than I am mentioned that it was an actual holiday! St. Patrick’s Day! You might’ve thought that a gal like me whose ethnic background includes a healthy dose of Ireland (MacMullan, anyone?) would remember something like that. Not. Sheesh!

But then, we were in the market for a manhattan (or two), not green beer. And we got our manhattan at Knight’s, along with prime rib and the whole Knight’s experience. We had Pengo and her friends with us and Jane met us there too. Afterwards, Pengo and the himem headed over to Bursley Hall for the night, Jane went to her potato (beer) party and K and KW walked dawgs and then sat in the back of The Landfill talking about kids and octos and dogs and life and jobs and men and life and dogs and kids and life and jobs and octos and y’all do not wanna know. Over a nightcap in front of a nice fake-log fire.

Good times!

5 Responses to “Green Beer, Potato Parties, Prime Rib, Manhattans, Dawgs & Possums, and green Dr. Seuss-Type Hats”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    and a good time was had by all!!

    Love to all – including the Toxic GG!!!

  2. Mark Says:

    Next year you should come to STL for St. Pats day. This year we had two parades, the regular city parade plus the true Irish parade near our house.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Of course, next year the 17th will not fall on a Saturday, so the parades will not coincide! The downtown parade is always on the
    Saturday before St. Pat’s. The Ancient Order of Hibernians parade is always on the 17th.

  4. jane Says:

    to clarify for all who may think I’m just a lush – it truly is a ‘potato’ party, although beer is also provided. 😉 my friend Eileen is Irish and throws a Potato Party each year around St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone brings a potato dish and we all eat way too much starch. And a good time was had by all. I stayed up past my bed time. 😉

  5. jane Says:

    also – check out this link – the March 13, 2007 posting for a photo of the Tater-Totter – this toy made its’ first visit to the Potato Party! there were cups of ketchup and you tried to flip a tater tot into one. not as easy as you’d think! but lots of fun….