Separate Those Guinea Pigs, Quick!

5:45 AM: get up and ratchet the thermostat from 62 to 67 and go back to bed for a few more minutes. Having just a bit of trouble adjusting to daylight savings time for some reason.

6:00 AM: drag myself to a vertical position and head out to the kitchen to check the outside temperature. It’s 30, so I can get away without tights today, yay! Take a shower, etc.

6:30 AM: put on ski band, scarf, polartech vest, outer jacket shell, gloves, chacos. Head outside into — surprise! — a blast of wind and wet snow!

7:55 AM: Drive to Monday Coffee at Barry’s. It is dark and the streetlights are on and ice is coming out of the sky and it feels like December.

I have a lot to do today but one thing that I do not have on my agenda is to identify the gender of each of the variously-colored baby Abyssinian guinea pigs in the cardboard box that I was hauling around throughout the night and segregate them into separate boxes. Sheesh.

5 Responses to “Separate Those Guinea Pigs, Quick!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    no wonder you couldn’t get up this AM, working so hard all night on that tough a task!! Erm, with all that fur, seems it would be a tad difficult to discriminate…

  2. Webmomster Says:

    answers the question *some* of us had, namely: “WTF is an *Abyssinian* guinea pig???”

  3. Valdemort Says:

    Really really hairy?

  4. Pooh Says:

    Why do you have a boxful of guinea pigs? Abyssinians are my favorite — they look like my kids in their pillow hair days!

    I’m pet-sitting for two mice from the biology classroom for Spring Break. One is the dad, the other is his child, gender uncertain. Two weeks before Spring Break, it looked like I’d be sitting a lot more mice. Mom and Dad, 5 “teenagers” from the first litter and maybe 4 mice from the second litter. The second litter didn’t survive, probably due to stress and over-crowding. The students took some of the other mice, including Mom. Haven’t had a chance to try and determine gender of the remaining “teenager”, since I got bit twice by Dad and once by “Little Bit” when I changed the bedding last week. I’m trying to socialize them some before I check.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    I love Abyssinians too. But that box of “piglets” was only in my dreams. And that’s a good thing! 🙂