Moose epaulettes

It was definitely not a beach day. I woke up at 5:30 or so to the sound of foghorns in the shipping channel. I drenched my polartech hoodie and every visible square millimeter of skin with bug juice and ventured out thru the cloud of biting buzzsaws that currently inhabit the moominbeach. This is a weekend of ever-evolving plans and so even though I could search out some true Macbookable broadband wifi with a short walk either direction down the beach, I’ll just do a quick iPhone update and maybe add some photos tomorrow morning. Sayonara, KW.

Updated to add some very foggy photos. And I mean foggy, because it was foggy and most of them were taken with my phone. Why? Because I couldn’t find my real camera for a while. And I have also lost two hairbrushes since I’ve been up here. And when you have the voluminous hair that I do, that is a tragedy (and yes, I do remember the 80s, in fact I think I invented them). Anyway, I am going nuts keeping track of things and it was foggy all day yesterday and it was foggy again this morning but it was so cold the buzzsaws weren’t out and I didn’t see the neighborhood bear either.

Last but not least, happy birthday a day late to Radical Betty, who is *not* 110 quite yet. We are celebrating with cake and coffee at The Commander’s house this morning. Click here or on the pic for more fog.

One Response to “Moose epaulettes”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Saw the pic’s, nice show of the vegetation …… photographer makes the difference too.
    Was that round island out there? When they opened the river, must have been quite a sound of anchor chains ……. bringing up the anchor and all …….