Ugh, mostly

When the precipitation started up at that Batscope Hour it sounded like needles were coming out of the sky. You know what that means, roight? Ice. The temperature was hovering at around 32 and I had to force myself to look outside. It turned out to be not that bad but I did bag my usual early trip to the farmers market just in case. One of the things on my farmers market list for this morning I ordered from Plum Market catering (dcuk to roast on the gas grill). The other stuff I can get delivered from Argus Farm Stop from some of the same vendors I would buy it from at the market. Don’t worry 🐭, I’ll pick up the dcuk myself. I scheduled it during my personally defined “senior” hours and I’ll have a KN95 mask firmly attached to my face during the extremely limited times I’ll need to interact with anyone.

What a fugly day though. I mean weather wise but it did get to me a bit by the end of the day. The GG finally put the tree up yesterday and decorated it today. I was not in the mood. I don’t really enjoy putting ornaments on xmas trees anyway. I intended to put up my Santa “collection” today but I couldn’t even get moving on that. I think I will not put every single blasted Santa out this year. My usual disclaimer: I don’t really collect Santas. The Comm collected them and sent me some over the years. My collection is hers and mine. It’s not overwhelming and I don’t want to add to it.

That picture a couple days ago. The one where the Twinz of Terror are digging a car out. It had nothing to do with my post about elephants and brooms and TFG. The car is my loverly old Honda Accord (the Dogha) that we bought new in 2001. We’ve owned a lot of great vee-hickles (and a few crappy ones) but that is one of my all-time faves. It was my first Big Girl Car, to borrow a phrase from UKW. I mean, I had a couple mini-vans but those things are Mommy Cars. A Big Girl Car is something a bit different. My Dogha was a top dollar Honda Accord with a V6 engine so some oomph and despite the pic, it was a GREAT snow car. In the pic I had backed it outta the parking area at the cFam Group Home at Hoton Lake and there was just enough of a snowbank (you can’t really see it) that I got it stuck. We were all laughing about this or at least I was. Maybe the Twinz weren’t.

Feeling better about life just writing this. Oh don’t misunderstand. I am not plagued by depression in any way shape or form, at least not for more than a couple hours or so. But writing in this space helps when little bits of the blues try to creep in to my psyche.

Love y’all,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m fighting hard not to be depressed but there is just SO MUCH to fret, worry and obsess about. And be angry and scared about too! I’m worn out with emotions over stuff I mostly can’t control. My brother drives a Honda Accord and it’s been very good to him.