Icy anniversary

I was surprised when I looked at my phone at 0-skunk-30 this morning because I had notifications from a couple people on Linked In congratulating me on my work anniversary. 14 years. Actually that’s not quite true. My work anniversary was in September. I started as an intern and was hired full-time, well, 14 years ago today I guess. I must’ve put my full-time hire date into Linked In. (I rarely look at Linked In BTW.)

My first couple of weeks after my full-time hire were surreal. I had suggested we just wait until after the new year. The boss wisely said, “Oh no, if we do it now, your benefits start right away.” Okay. But nothing much happens at my work at the end of the year because almost everybody takes time off. I had already figured that out plus one of my kids was coming home from California and I wanted to spend time with her. (The other one was in Dakar on study abroad and wouldn’t be home.)

So, my official first day, I got over there and there were something like three vee-hickles in the parking lot. When I got inside, I went to sit down at my computer, which when I was an intern was a big clunky desktop. It was GONE!!! My boss was AWOL. The mystery was eventually solved when I was issued an old clunky laptop. It was a floaty couple of weeks where I didn’t really have anything to do and was told to just show up when I wanted to and otherwise enjoy my holidays. Which I did although with my uber work ethic, it was really nerve wracking. Obviously things smoothed out because I am still there. Having an job during a pandemic has saved my sanity. A telecommuting job, that is. I would be an absolute wreck if I had to work on site.

For some reason, the sidewalks were not icy this morning but the tree branches were. Because we didn’t get anything more than a dusting since yesterday morning and the temperatures did not rise above freezing, whatever was on the trees yesterday stayed there. The ground is not at the “permafrost” stage yet and there wasn’t enough water on the sidewalks for it to stick.

I did end up with a wet you-know-what. I sat down on a bench in the schoolyard to do something with my phone for a minute or two and the bench was covered with ice. I was damp and cold all morning until I finally took Cygnus out for a spin and turned her seat warmer up HIGH. I guess I’ll have to pull out my wool walking skirt.

One Response to “Icy anniversary”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ice on the trees is beautiful, on the roads or butt, not at all! I don’t like Linked In although I’m on it. I don’t look at it either and didn’t when I was still working.