Waning gibbous

We totally missed the full moon this time around because it was cloudy as all get out or raining or sleeting or whatever it was doing. But I got this pic of the waning gibbous this morning. A little fuzzy but not bad and there’s even a little green lens flare. Coincidentally, I posted this on Instagram a short time after my mouse posted a waning gibbous pic from her house. That tipped me off that she was working early today and since I had a pickup from catering this morning, I knew I would see her in a while.

And that pickup was soooo much fun. There was a lot of confusion on both sides, me and the young men who were helping me. Fortunately we were all laughing. I bow down to anyone who braves working in a grocery store during this ongoing disaster and I have not had a bad experience throughout. Pickup, delivery, in-store. Maybe it’s just the stores I shop but these folks rock. I remember the beginning when everyone was told not to wear masks, etc. My grock worker had “old ladies” (like me) coming right smack up to her and talking right in her face. She was thinking (but couldn’t say), “You really shouldn’t be in here at all.”

I do go inside stores now but I ordered a dcuk from catering because I hadn’t seen them out in the cooler yet. I know they’ll put the dcuks out eventually but with COVID, I shop very limited hours. Since I was making an order, I decided to order some filets too. The picture showed four filets but it didn’t note the *units*. I wanted eight filets (they’re small) so I ordered two. When I got in there this morning, I suddenly thought to ask a question. Me: BTW, did I only order *two* filets? Butcher: Yes, yes you did. Me: Oh, actually I want eight. Which was (OF COURSE) no problem. (She wants MORE? YES!) They just pulled eight of them out of the case and packaged them up. My grocery worker suggests that one of the reasons for the ordering apps is to help anticipate how many dcuks (etc.) to order. If I hadn’t also wanted a dcuk, I’d’ve just gone over there and bought filets outta the case. Which is essentially what I did today.

Units? I shouldda known better. The first time I ordered curbside, I wanted heirloom tomatoes. The picture showed four. I ordered a quantity of one, expecting four tomatoes. I came home and found I had ONE heirloom tomato. How could I complain? They gave me exactly what I ordered. Could their app be a little clearer? Sure. But wearing my business systems analyst (web user experience designer) hat, however much we strive to get things right for our users, our apps are not perfect. The grocery apps I’ve been using are pretty darn good and they ramped them up FAST.

So I came home with my dcuk and my filets and some other stuff (hello salmon spread fad) and did the xword and started the spelling bee while drinking my coffee and then… A day of work… A quiet week but after 14 years, being the only team member who does what I do any more, I have PLENTY to do. I also know that if I am not doggedly productive during the holiday season, nobody will beat me up.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My issue is that I don’t look closely enough at quantities, so I end up getting way too much. It’s certainly not the store’s fault. LOL