Squirrels in the attic, oh my!

The GG is in a constant battle with the squirrels and chipmunks that take over his bird feeder and we won’t talk about the Squirrel Electrification Program, except to say that it doesn’t seem to deter the squirrels very much. I’ll be sitting working in teleCubelandia, which is across from the Blue and Only Bathroom and I’ll hear a bunch of banging outside. It startled me the first couple times until I figured out that squirrels were swinging the feeder around.

Sometimes there are bigger varmints than squirrels. A couple weeks ago, I woke up at that Batscope Hour wondering if somebody was trying to get into the house or whatever. I roused the GG with, “WHAT is that noise?” Him: “Hnnnnuh?” Me: “You can’t HEAR it?” He came to life at that and looked out the bathroom window to see a RACCOON on the feeder.

BTW: this is an example of why I don’t need a traumatizingly loud smoke alarm system because the raccoon’s antics were really not that loud but they did wake me up. Upon reflection, if a PERSON was trying to bash their way in, it would be MUCH LOUDER.

The other noises I’ve been hearing lately are scurrying noises that I thought were on the roof. Nope. Well maybe some of them. But others are apparently in the attic. BTW, when I say “attic”, to get to the “attic”, you have to put a step ladder up inside a closet and open a trap door. It is NOT usable space in any way, shape, or form. For all practical purposes, this is a one-story ranch-style house with a dungeon.

I was thinking we’d have to hire someone to remove the squirrels (humanely, I mean) but the GG says he has a plan… … …

So, we’ll see. In other confusion, after texting me from Sparrow Meats to ask if I wanted anything, he then FAILED to notice my reply to request lamb stew meat… He went BACK down to Kerrytown to get lamb stew, TWO chickens, and some form factor of beef. So now I have almost more food than I can fit in my fridge/freezer. I guess we won’t need much for a while, at least not meat.

It is the Tuesday before xmas and I am hanging in the chitchen listening to COVID gloom and doom after a work day. The GG is out in the She-shed working on “prodjects”, which I THINK means putting my xmas gift together. He likes this holiday a lot more than I do. Cheers!

P.S. Yay for the winter solstice!

2 Responses to “Squirrels in the attic, oh my!”

  1. jane Says:

    Happy Solstice!
    I am trying to remember if Bill took the small have-a-heart trap from Harry’s garage or not.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a fan of this holiday but with both girls home it will be better. Covid and vaccinations are still creating some issues. (ie Alison’s boyfriend isn’t vaxxed) They both took Covid tests yesterday so now I just have to hope that they’re negative.