21st century solstice

And yes, I do know it was yesterday. Somehow I got all caught up in squoils yesterday. In the attic. Yes. The GG worked on that issue all day today and I did not hear any squoils AT ALL. EVER! Note that no squoils were harmed with all of this.

And I was puzzled by Jane’s comment until I finally made the GG actually READ my blahg. He can be sporadic about that. He can’t really keep up with my blahg but then again, *I* can’t really keep up. Anyway, I know there is a squirrel [live] trap at the Old Cabin up in the yooperland but apparently My Dear Uncle Harry also kept one in his garage down here on the planet. MDUH moved house last summer and the GG was involved in some of the moving / disposing efforts but I wasn’t really keeping track and didn’t have a clue about any squirrel traps. Apparently the GG took it to Habitat or somewhere. Hmmm, maybe we could’ve used it here…

So, what I don’t like about the Bleak Midwinter days that surround the solstice. The hours of gray skies throughout some of the days. What I dooooo like? The morning and evening dark. If the skies are clear I can see the stars. If not, it doesn’t matter because I can make my own light with candles and/or LEDs and/or a faaar in the faaarplace. I love the hunkering down in the dark stuff. I guess you might call it hygge, which is a word that no matter how many times I look it up I can’t remember how to pronounce it or exactly what it means. I think the word hygge is Scandinavian.

People often peg me as Scandinavian but I am not, at least that I know of. I’m a British Isles “mutt”, mainly Scot with other stuff and maybe a skosh of German. I am as WASPy as all getout in any case (minus the P because it stands for protestant and I am not religious). It’s entirely possible there’s some Viking stuff in my ancestry way back when but I haven’t tried to look it up. I don’t actually think my house qualifies as hygge (we have too much crapola) but little corners of it might.

We reached our earliest sunset (5:04 EST) something like a week ago and are on the upswing at 5:08. We haven’t yet hit our latest sunrise, which I know from experience is 8:05 and goes on for daaaaays.

Belated solstice cheers! -KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My dad was nearly purely British Isles (mostly Scottish) but did have some Scandinavian through because…the Vikings! I also struggle with the gray during the winter.