Frustrated beyond belief

So I read an article in the local on-line news rag (MLive) this morning that made me see red. It was about a bunch of “super-careful” people who attended a wedding that became a super spreader event. Even though “most” of them were VAXXED.

I’m not gonna link to it, in part because it’s probably behind a paywall. Also because it was an absolutely horribly written article. I got the gist but I couldn’t follow the trajectory of wedding events to save my life. Flint, Michigan (yes, THAT Flint), Wisconsin (the state, no specific location), and California (the bay area) were all mentioned. WHERE was the wedding? It wasn’t clear!

Some things that particularly gave me fits:

— Most people were vaxxed. Most?
— These people were super-careful.
— A lot of them were health care workers.
— They were masked. Until they weren’t.

That last point? Why were they not masked? BECAUSE YOU CANNOT EAT THROUGH A MASK!

And then there was this tidbit, which I will paraphrase. “People got to drinking and pulled down their masks to dance and mingle.”

Really? They were drinking? At a wedding? Who does that? Apparently they got a little lax in their “super-careful” habits. Who could’ve predicted that?

These folks may THINK they are super-careful but THEY ARE NOT! I don’t know where the wedding happened but driving from Michigan to Wisconsin and back is do-able even though Lake Michigan is a pretty big obstacle. Anyone traveling from Michigan/Wisconsin to California had to have FLOWN.

And I am NOT against drinking. As I write this, I am sipping a ‘hattan while waiting for the weirdest combo of leftovers ever to heat up in Gretchen. But I am alone in my chitchen. I am not at a party somewhere with a whole bunch of people who are throwing caution to the wind as they mingle.

Being super-careful is staying home, doing outdoor activities AWAY from other people, getting VAXXED, and wearing a GODDAMN MASK if you have to be anywhere near other people. I do all of those things yet every time I make a masked mad dash to get grocks at 0-skunk-30 when I can totally avoid even the unwashed unmasked in the aisles, I worry that I have collected a stray virus particle or whatever from somebody else.

Praise be to our essential workers who have been masking and double-masking throughout this whole debacle to help keep the rest of us afloat. Plus the business owners who have innovated to allow their employees and customers to be as safe as possible. And everyone who isn’t pandemic fatigued enough to stop following the virus’s still unknown rules.

People, we HAVE TO PULL TOGETHER ON THIS! Vax, wear a mask, and don’t congregate. Sigh.

2 Responses to “Frustrated beyond belief”

  1. Jay Says:

    I just want to know about KWs March on Leftovers. Intriguing.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Super careful, NOT. I would call myself careful but not super. I do a few things that could be risky. Triple shots but not much confidence in them with omicron on the move.