Weak sun

I needed just a few more grocks today so I steeled myself for Plum Market when it opened. I knew it would be ultra busy today and yes, there were more cars in the lot when I got there than the usual 3-5 but it wasn’t crayzee yet (I have a first-hand report that it got that way later). Then I had an errand at the liqwire store, which I did at 9 when *they* opened. Only one other [masked] customer but the two guys behind the counter were not masked. I didn’t have to get near them but fingers crossed. [Note that I LOVE these guys! They are vaxxed but still.]

Shopping is so stressful these days that I took Cygnus for a River Ride after the liqwire store. As I drove, the heavy fog started to lift and Mr. Golden Sun made a weak appearance, which was prettier in person. It was NOT cold today. There is no snow on the ground and the temps went up to 50-something this afternoon. It’s really too warm for a faaaaar in the faaaarplace but we have one anyway.

I had a great xmas eve day overall. It was a company holiday and a Busman’s Holiday for me. I have almost everything cooked or prepped for our xmas dinner, which will be a small affair with a dcuk and some of the usual side dishes. I even pre-cooked the hollandaise for the eggs benny I make twice a year for holiday breakfasts. Thanksgiving and xmas. The GG was off gallivanting on Ohio portions of the North Country Trail with one of his girlfriends and not getting all holiday-style frenetic in my house. Like: GG: Do you need me to do anything? Me: Yeah, GO somewhere!

I keep telling people this xmas MUST be calm and simple and I hope it is.

One Response to “Weak sun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I get nervous around unmasked strangers and even sometimes masked ones if they are too close. I hope someday to get over it and be able to RELAX.