Got what I wanted 🐸

Caaaaaaalm. And more balaclavas. Three of them, yay! And some other really cool stuff.

Home antigen tests are the new black. I know they aren’t perfect but since no one is symptomatic or has known exposure, we trusted them for our small get-together today. Just us and our two adult children. Of course I then searched online with an eye to replenishing our supply and everyone is out of stock. I think I knew they would be.

For various reasons, our kids did not arrive until late morning today. I had Eggs Benny all queued up by that time except for the hash browns. A while back I sorted out my freezer and I THOUGHT I found two partial bags of frozen hash browns so I put them together in one big ziplock bag. So I wouldn’t lose track of them… When I took them out this morning, there was a partial bag of hash browns and a partial bag of PEAS!!! Nope. The GG saved the day with some hash browns in a milk carton form factor that he uses for camping in the Lyme Lounge.

Gift opening once happened at the crack of dawn but it didn’t happen until maybe afternoon today, which was just fine. After that, despite thoughts of an afternoon walk, everybody but me did a jigsaw puzzle. I am not that kind of puzzler but I used the time to reeeeeead. My current book is The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois. It’s very good overall although there are some flaws but most books have those.

The pic is another of my gifts with some fuglies of my own very important people posing below it.

One Response to “Got what I wanted 🐸”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve recently heard of that book and I can’t remember if the person was positive or negative about it. That’s wonderful that you spent the holiday with your kids. It was such a happy time for me after 2020.