Mooooom Alone

Everyone but me had to be up and out early this morning. One person to work and the other two to hike 15 miles in northern Ohio. My plan was to get up and shower BEFORE everyone but some last minute REM dreams put me 15 minutes behind schedule. Plan B? I will stay outta the fray while youz guyz break yer neckz getting out the door. Just make sure you leave a second pot of coffee for me if you drink the whole first one. It’s a little Mister Coffee, which makes more than enough for me and the GG but more is needed for additional people. I texted this request to the beach urchins because the GG is the King of Cryptic Text Messages, not to mention very unreliable about reading them.

I didn’t go back to sleep. I had the luxury of getting up and having my coffee alone in the dark, catching up on news, blahgs, and other social media posts. I took a shortened version of my usual walk, mucked around with various dish and kitchen chores, then the puzz and spelling bee, and finally I took Cygnus out for a little spin during the first hour or so of Sunday Jazz. The GG apparently hasn’t noticed how muddy she is… And then I came back and finished my boooook. Which I liked better and better as I closed in on the ending, partly because the family tree finally started clicking into place for me. I don’t view that as a flaw of the book. I think it was an integral part of the discovery process the main character went through learning about herself and her family history and as a reader I was along for the ride.

The beach urchins had soooo much fun here last night that they’re staying another night. That led to a minor scramble for what to cook because there weren’t quiiiiite enough xmas leftovers for all of us. Instead I am quick-thawing some little filets, which the hiking urchin is looking forward to after her 15 miles. The GG pretty much eats whatever I throw together without complaint and steps in as Grill Master whenever I want him to, which he will do tonight.

The gift tag is on a package containing a beautiful book about tapestry weaving, to go along with the Mirrix tapestry loom I had on my xmas list. It’s a “pocket” sized loom, which seemed manageable for somebody like me who is having to PUSH myself to get back into doing fiber arts. As one of my beach urchins said, “But mooooom, you WORK full time.” Yes. But. I have my new loom put together but I don’t have it warped yet… And this MUST be about the most boring blahg entry I have ever written so I’ll put it out of its misery.

Sayonara, KW

2 Responses to “Mooooom Alone”

  1. Margaret Says:

    More family time is wonderful!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I’m excited to hear about your “warped” adventures! (Sorry, I cannot resist a pun.) The background of the gift tag is beautiful.