Puttin’ mah troll costume on ‘n’ headin’ back down under th’ bridge.

kwSo, I am already (already?) home on the Planet Ann Arbor. Actually have been for over an hour. I did get to kayak this morning. The mo-skee-toes were actually not all that bad out on the water. I kayaked to Cedar Point, which is the same place Uber Kayak Woman and I rock-walked to yesterday. It was just a *bit* bouncy at the time for our little Waldens without any spray skirts, at least for me. This morning the water was just about like glass except for when a couple of freighters created some swells with their wakes. No problem at all. I was gonna do a slide show of walking and kayaking to Cedar Point and relate it back to our ice walk over there last February but apparently, I HAVE LEFT YET ANOTHER CAMERA CARD READER UP AT THE CABIN!!! YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! The GG actually LAUGHED when I told him that and, Mrs. Commander, don’t worry about it. It could be that I just haven’t figgered where I packed it yet and, in any case, they are $6 at Tarjay now…

And then. Sigh. Packed up my vee-hickle and left in tandem with Mouse (in her vee-hickle). Stopped in town to drop Green Guy off, then hit the I75 SUV Speedway. ALMOST hit a blasted deer somewhere between M134 and M123 (I think I have those right, go ahead and shoot me if not, I am NOT lookin’ ’em up). Very, very, very close. The deer came out of nowhere. Mouse, driving behind me, saw it running even while it was in the woods. I braked and lightly swerved (no other cars except Mouse behind me) and somehow it made it. I shook for a while but eventually got back up to speed with an ultra-vigilant eye and then, right after Castle Rock, there was Mooma Duck with 8-9 ducklings. Right on the paved shoulder there. They were headed into the road and I swerved left a bit (no other cars) and I must’ve slowed them down and then I saw in the rear-view that when Mouse went by, they scooted *swish* for the grass. I do *not* want to know what happened to them after that. We did our best.

Mouse and I stopped for gas and fabric at Grayling. She was very very good and I was just a leettle bit bad and maybe we’ll have to put the Icehouse back on our beat… Anyway, got back on the road and split up at the Higgins Lake Road exit. She headed on down to M55 and over to 131 and down to kzoo. I stopped by Houghton Lake for just a minute. The Beautiful Liz was there and she had cleaned up a garbage mess that I learned about from a HL neighbor and Twitter friend (who may have actually done some clean-up too, if so THANK YOU!). Liz found evidence that some critter may have actually bent some metal in order to get to the garbage. She thought raccoon. I almost wonder about bear. They have been sighted in the area in the last couple years. I don’t know.

It was great to see Liz and it was a gorgeous day but I have work tomorrow and just wanted to get home. And so I got back onto the I75 SUV Speedway and it turned out that as I was walking in my front door, Mouse was texting me to say that she had just arrived home.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There are plenty of people here who hit deer and it is tragic, both for the deer and the driver. I’m glad you could avoid it. The raccoon was in our garage last night and I screamed AGAIN. It’s just that I think it’s our cat at first and a split second later realize that it’s not, so the shock makes me shriek.