That is the absolute end! (This is not totally kid-friendly as I might use the H and D words once or twice)

ladyslipperI am quoting my dear aunt Bugs here. I didn’t personally witness the original incident. I was probably running around in the woods like a wild Indian (not east Indian, don’tcha know) or jumping up and down on the cheerio or building a fort out of pulp logs or something. But, as family legend has it, the then toddler NP Jane took Bugs’s beach towel (Bugs is NP Jane’s moom) and dragged the whole thing into the water. And so Bugs exclaimed loudly (and, for such a small woman, she can project her voice very well if she wants to), “Jane!!! That is the absolute end!!!”

And so. I love when I am ultra-busy and life is interesting and I have to be hopping around like crazy all of the time and that’s how work and life have been for I can’t think how many months now. I took a long weekend to go north to meet up with Uber Kayak Woman, who traveled from the San Juan Islands (look it up) for Radical Betty’s birthday. That’s her moom and my favorite 110-year-old aunt. Things didn’t exactly go as planned but we all had a wonderful time and I got home (clunkity-clunk-kawhomp) yesterday. And spent today at work trying to figure out what the heck I was doing a couple weeks ago. Last week was a company picnic and then two full days of training and then, like I said, I was in the Yoop forgetting everything I ever knew about work. So. What was I working on? What is the top priority? Etc., etc., etc. I did learn something today, which is how to use shortcut keys to turn the desktop display upside down or sideways on a Windows machine. A few of us are already plotting how that could come in useful someday and that’s all I will say…

Anyway, I had errands to run on the way home from work today and it is hot for the first time since sometime last August or something. I finally dragged into the driveway and I could see it sticking threateningly out the top of the mailbox. A jury duty summons. The third one since about 2004 or so. They have called me for the absolute worst week of the summer, one during which I have had long-standing plans including a flight reservation (not mine but don’t tell ’em that) to be out of town!!! I have been called “randomly” three times in approximately five years. I do not know what the hell is *random* about that. The *GG* has never been summoned. Of course, I tried to call them immediately when I opened the notice and it was probably good (for me) that it was after hours because I probably would’ve given ’em holy hell! I am outta steam and don’t wanna talk about Lizard Breath’s adventures of being summoned while on study abroad or the *second* time she was summoned *after* she had become a California resident. Fer kee-reist!!!

This beautiful lady slipper is one of four that we found in front of Dennis’s cabin on Fin Family Moominbeach (Dennis might rather call it Mc Family Moominbeach and that is okay with me!). And so I will try to forget about the damn jury summons and focus on the beauty of life for the evening.

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  1. Marquis Says:

    Call in sick.