NP Jane & I were @ Knight’s & the lights browned out. We thought it was just Knight’s but it’s all over the neighborhood. And military-style hecipoppers keep going overhead so not sure what that’s about. I think too many able-bodied folks have flipped their a/c on at once on this first 90 plus day. C’mon, this is Michigan, fer kee-reist. We don’t need no stinkin’ a/c. Maybe I should just fly to the Smokies like all the cool kids. G’night. I can do without lights but not water and I’ve got water.

Update: Lights back on at full power at 1:36 AM, EDT. The time via my iPhone, and I woke up then to the sound of lucky-shuckial trucks and workers in the street. My *personal* speculation is that on the first 90-degree day of the summer, everyone on west-side Planet Ann Arbor flipped on their central air at once. Most of us didn’t have it 25 years ago. We installed it a few years ago when we finally decided to replace the furnace that was old when we bought the house. I bet a lot of other folks have done the same thing. For the record, I avoid using our central air and didn’t have mine on. I’d rather listen to the birds and aminals and things. And, to those who felt compelled to provide all kinds of admonishments about opening the refrigimatator, et al, despite my bumbling approach to life, I *am* a relatively competent adult. But those people are probably not reading this anyway. And so I am off. Hi ho!


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  1. Margaret Says:

    I would want AC in 90s too, but alas we don’t have it. I’m thankful to be in the low 70s right now! Are brown outs common this time of year?