“Light rain stopping in Ann Arbor”

Um, huh? That notification was from my hyper-local weather app. This does not look anything like rain to me. Pretty significant snow shower if you ask me although I don’t think the storm total is gonna be more than a couple-three inches. I dredged my yaxxed-up red boots out for tomorrow morning anyway. Little too much white stuff for sandals. Glad I have no need to be oot and aboot tonight. The Manchester Mountains are apparently navigable but the 🐭 driveway was not. I mean, not that I would have had any need to travel to the Manchester Mountains tonight even if I were oot and aboot.

One of the funniest questions I answered as a parent (of teenagers at the time) was, “Mooom, is it going to snow again?” This was in JANUARY the day after a significant snowstorm (anything more than six inches in my book). I was scratching my head at how to answer that. “It’s January and this is Michigan? Yes, it’s gonna snow again.” I actually think the intent of the question was more like, “Are we finished with THIS storm?”

When I say sandals, I mean yaxxed-up close-toed Keens with tights and Smartwool socks inside them. A childhood/facebook friend living in the southern lower (like I do) actually wears SUMMER sandals with no socks throughout the winter. She has posted pics. She also once helped a neighbor (immigrant from a warm country) get her car moving on a patch of ice using a bath mat for traction. That’s a trick that isn’t up my sleeve but this friend is super-smart. The Beautiful Mimi.

I held off on posting tonight because we were waiting for our racoon to arrive safely from visiting his fam down in the beautiful Carolinas. He is home and can’t get up the mountainous driveway but so glad he is home safe.

The GG says Oooga Booga. Whatever

2 Responses to ““Light rain stopping in Ann Arbor””

  1. Margaret Says:

    Who is the raccoon/racoon? A boyfriend? We have way too much snow with more on the way. Whine, whine. In our case, this could be our only snowstorm of the winter although February is usually our snowy month.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I wear Birkenstocks year-round. Simplifies life. I always have a *dress* pair, an OK pair, and an almost-worn-out pair. My Amazon order history shows that I buy a new pair every 3-4 years.