Ghosts of xmas past

How old were we? I’m thinking I was about six and my brother three? Little kids anyway. Here we are in our shabby little Superior Street living room. First there’s me opening I dunno what and wearing a nightgown with words I can’t make out in the pic. I can ALMOST remember them but not quiiiiite.

And my little brother. In the background of this is the toboggan that was a family xmas purchase that year. I sorta remember using it at Minneapolis Woods (I better remember night skiing there in junior high). Behind that is our front entry and there on the right is a piece of furniture that now belongs to 🐭 but resides in my house for the time being. And my eccentric aunt Roberta’s painting is behind the couch. I have that too.

My weekly facetime with MMCB was this morning and I had totally forgotten what time it was so I was surprised when MMCB1 pinged. We are all wishing we could STOP talking about COVID all the time. Once again, our SMALL family holiday happened only with the tools of home antigen tests plus one PCR test because of potential exposure to an unvaxxed ESSENTIAL worker who has COVID! Is it okay if I’m ANGRY with the SELFISHNESS of some of these yay-hoos?

Ghislaine Maxwell was a topic at home tonight. Is she guilty? I dunno but she certainly is not innocent. A while back I read something somewhere about how she met up with and “seduced” one girl. It was at a Michigan arts camp and Ghislaine was walking a cute doggy that helped start conversations. My friends, that HAD to be at the Interlochen Melody Freeze (snack bar type place). In addition to running arts camps, Interlochen books high-level concerts of all sorts and is in a beautiful place (between two lakes, roight?). All kinds of people go there. Why not Jeffrey and Ghislaine? I told the GG I didn’t know what I thought about the verdict but that I was not a Ghislaine fan. I suss that she’s not a very nice person.

I was an Interlochen music camper my last two summers in high school. I would NEVER have taken the cute doggy bait or any other bait. I like dogs but I had my OWN Tigger-dog at home and I missed her. I am a one dog woman even on a three dog night. I might have been superficially friendly to a Ghislaine type person and her stoopid dog at the Melody Freeze but I would’ve been too creeped out to let that escalate into trysts with Prince Andrew. Then again, that kind of outfit might not have figgered me as a potential victim because I don’t usually exude “victim” and didn’t even as a teenage girl.

P.S. I am older than Jeffrey and Ghislaine and Prince Andrew, so them trying to victimize me in some stoopid scam at Interlochen is kind of a moot point.

One Response to “Ghosts of xmas past”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cool to have those heirlooms, especially when you can see them in old photos. I doubt that I would have been taken in either; I was quiet, shy and very cautious. I’m older too so for me it’s also a moot point.