Our spelling bee group was puzzling over the wa8 word that was the last word any of us needed to get to Queen Bee. (wa8 means an 8-letter word beginning with wa and Queen Bee means you’ve found ALL the words.) One of us (not me) got it accidentally and much googling ensued. Wallaroo? Who knew? WallaBY kept getting into my head in general although neither b nor y were valid letters today. So, a word I *hope* I don’t fergit the next time those letters roll around.

So one last xmas gift for the GG. We always have TWO of these glasses around and we managed to break BOTH of the current ones within the last few weeks. They are very cool but very fragile. I set one down, well, weirdly is the only way I can describe it and it fractured. Then the GG emphatically slammed one down and. Again. He didn’t “slam” it in anger, more in exuberance.

So I ordered a couple more. They have them down at the locally owned Ace hardware store and as much as I like to support local businesses, with the omicron cliff, I am only doing in-store shopping for the most essential items. These could wait. Santa paddled by a lot sooner than I expected and I wrapped them up and put a postit note on top of the package: FRAGILE! DO NOT SHAKE or TOSS.

I am even nervous about the limited shopping I do in person. Today a friend reported that two of HER friends got symptomatic breakthrough cases even though they are vaxxed and boostered and wear masks every time they leave the house. Stories like this freak me out but I also don’t always think they are entirely true. I believe the vax status. I believe they wear masks. But. How often are they shopping? When are they shopping? Are the stores jam-packed with people when they shop? Are they mingling with family members? Or friends? Maybe grands too young to be vaxxed? I am not being judgmental. I know people are making excruciating decisions based on constantly shifting data with a heapin’ helpin’ of MISinformation.

P.S. Speaking of misinformation (and whiny tone of voice), I am so glad Twitter de-platformed Marjorie Taylor Greene. What a piece of work! Too bad it’s only her personal account. I can only hope the voters of her Georgia district will also de-platform her. Kee-reist.

One Response to “Wallaroo-baby”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Omicron is everywhere it seems and I’m NOT looking forward to the next few months. I’m anticipating many disruptions to our normal activities. I am vaxxed, boostered, order pick up for groceries and wear KN95s, but I do interact with my mom, John, my kids and my unvaccinated grandson. I can’t not. It IS an excruciating decision.