Sun is down, moon is up

At the time I made that statement, it was technically correct but I realized a few minutes ago that I had been mis-thinking. The sun WAS down, aka below the horizon. The moon WAS up, aka above the horizon. But my brain had done a sort of somersault, thinking the moon was rising? Uh, no? It was setting, in the west, as it does, just like the sun. It just hadn’t done so yet. It is now DOWN, aka below the horizon. I dunno why I get so twisted up about this kind of stuff but I frequently get things backwards.

So back to work today, yay! I was able to ramp it up slowly with a very boring but still has-to-be-done task (replacing screenshots in user guides). Boring as it was, it was kinda perfect for a slow brain warm-up on the first Monday after 10 days or whatever off. Things got a little more exciting when Amazon Woman and I spent more time during our weekly meetup kvetching about COV-idiots than talking about work. We are on the same wavelength about that and polly-ticks and life in general.

But we did get on to work stuff eventually and I expressed some trepidation about an upcoming prodject that involves some stuff I’ve never worked on and remember a lot of “fun” (contentious) conversations swirling around the co-worker who WAS involved the last time it reared its ugly head. But then. I grabbed my battering ram and after a couple hours, I don’t know it all but I have enough working knowledge that I know I can move forward. If I can pull together enough information to ask questions, I am on my way.

So, early January, the days are getting infinitesimally longer, the moon is waxing, and we won’t utter the word omicron for the moment. Onward? Upgrade your masks if you haven’t already and WEAR THEM! Above your nose.

One Response to “Sun is down, moon is up”

  1. Margaret Says:

    N95s and KN95s for me and above my nose when I do go out. Rare though. I’ve never been able to remember how the sun and moon and seasons work.