Henrietta was here

Or maybe it was Henry? Or both? And all of their friends and relations?

What is a torii, you ask? Okay maybe you didn’t. It is a word that frequently flies in the spelling bee and people are always complaining that it’s obscure or whatever. It probably is to a lot of folks but it is a word I have known since before I can remember. It is a Japanese gate typically used at the entrances to Shinto shrines.

There is no Shinto shrine at the Soo Locks but there is a big torii, gifted by long ago governor Chase Osborn. He was born in Indiana but later settled in Sault Ste. Siberia. He died before I was born but his family and mine knew each other, not that they socialized or whatever, aka I am not name-dropping in any way shape or form. Some of his descendants own beach property over to the west of ours. He also gifted a set of elephant statues to adorn the steps of the city’s Carnegie Library. The library has moved and changed names but the building and the lions are still there.

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Soo Locks torii

Governor Osborn

Carnegie Public Library lions.

I have a closeup pic of a library lion somewhere in my archive but I can’t find it for now. Searching for “library” brings up pics of my mom sitting by the moomincabin living room bookcase and aisles of John King books in Detroit, etc. 🤣 Here’s to keeping your photographs organized and TAGGED (DEFINITELY NOT!).

After all that, even though torii is a familiar word to me, it often takes me forever to “see” it in the spelling bee 🐽

P.S. The “killer” word for today is an 8-letter ne word. Amazingly I got that one but am struggling to find a 5-letter ha word.


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  1. Margaret Says:

    I admire you for your crossword expertise! My photos used to be organized but now that I use my iPHone, they’re a mess. I know they’re there but no matter how I search for them, I can’t find them unless I can remember approximate date and year. Ugh.