Disco, Disco Duck

The lights were a surprise, sort of…

The GG made a run to the Group Home over the weekend and one of his brothers and wife were there. He LEFT Softy Beanbag and Turnstile up there 🐽🐽🐽 but The Beautiful Becky (his brother’s lovely wife) located them and put them in a safe place where DOGZ couldn’t get at them, which I hadn’t even thought about. Yikes! Anyway, when he got home Sunday I heard him on the phone with TBB and I couldn’t figger the whole convo but I heard a few words like “lights” and “Home Depot”, etc. There were no trips to “Home Depot” yesterday but I noticed him kinda haunting the front door during the early evening. And then, voila! Turned out he ordered them online, which I approve of because I don’t really want him wandering around willy-nilly in stores in the Omicron Age. I didn’t notice when the package arrived so I was surprised but not surprised.

So we’ve got xmas-colored oscillating (is that the word?) lights up but we took the xmas tree down today. The GG did most of the work but I exhorted him to please please please leave the ornaments out (in boxes) so I can go through them and sort them out and look for the two mini-Santas that were missing from The Commander’s collection when I got it out this year. I had put the Santas away last year but somehow they subsequently got reorganized, i.e., thrown in with a bunch of other crapola. I don’t care much for “stuff” but this particular little set of four mini-Santas was somehow important, not only to me but to the beach urchins. I have no clue where they came from and certainly can’t ask The Comm. They are artisan quality, not just some junkola from Bronner’s.

It’s dark this time of year and light is good, right? Even Disco Duck type light. Cheers and yay for LEDs!

P.S. We are currently aiming our lights OUTSIDE but this is one display we will definitely turn off well before midnight to avoid a ticket from the city…

One Response to “Disco, Disco Duck”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Very pretty and cheery lights! I’m trying to stay out of the stores these days but shopping for my mom has added some complications.