Old Skool

I spent most of my day doing bulk html updates and in a couple places that led to having to futz with a crappy bunch of old skool javascript. Document.write indeed. Every time I have to delve into this stuff, I think about upgrading it but it would involve a rabbit hole, one that wouldn’t be a productive use of my time. So I slog through what is already there and that’s what I did today. Which means my brain is mush.

Grab and dash grock run this morning. It’ll be all right, won’t it? COVID-wise, I mean. Listening to COVID reports on the radio to the grokkery store and home did not help. I do know that I did NOT see ONE person without a mask and I was able to stay WELL away from anyone else. Yay for 8:00 AM shopping. I still do not understand people who are cavalier about going to indoor restaurants, etc. Maybe you don’t feel you are at risk for serious disease but COVID isn’t broadcasting its rules last I knew so you don’t really know. Plus you are not the only person on earth and if you catch it, you are contagious. If we keep engaging in risky behavior, we put others at risk for THIS variant and we continue to allow the virus to spread and evolve into new variants. I mean, it’s gonna do that anyway. That’s what viruses (and people, etc.) do. And what about our overwhelmed health care workers? Sorry. I’ve encountered multiple people engaging in risky COVID behavior lately and I cannot shaddup.

The undated photo is the GG walking on the ice at Hoton Lake. He went up there today but I doubt he is walking on the ice. I’m not even sure how safe the ice is right now although it may well be. For a while, he wasn’t sure whether he would leave today or tomorrow. My advice was to watch the weather (for driving) but I don’t think it’s all that bad either day. But boy oh boy, until he finally decided when to leave, I was playing my coping cards* left and right to keep from going nutso with all of his rummaging and packing activities. THIS IS MY OFFICE. CHILL OUT!!!

He did leave today and I know he is there because I saw Mooon Yooonit there via the Group Home webcam so he doesn’t really need to call me 🐽.

P.S. Coping cards… I just read a really good book (The Book of Form and Emptiness) in which there was a teenager struggling with mental health issues. I think his coping cards were not physical cardstock-type cards but tools for how to handle certain triggering situations. I have always had decent mental health (garden variety teenage angst excepted) but “coping cards” is a good term for the tools that I have developed by myself for handling those bad days that we all have.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been guilty of a few risky behaviors but not many. (and not lately) I was going into a few coffee shops and restaurants. I miss in person service but don’t want to take covid to my mom or my grandson.