Santa Baby

I love the way Mr. Golden Sun lit up my Santa “collection” late this afternoon. It is not a large collection in the first place and it is a closed collection. It fits on this dresser. This year I only put out a fraction of them. Artisan quality and a few other favorites.

What really took the wind out of my sails though was when I couldn’t find two of my top faves, half of a set of four. I wrote about this a while back. They are teensy-tinesy and the sun is lighting them (the remaining TWO) up on top of that green thing (click and click again), in front of my high-heeled croc. Croc is probably technically a xmas item but he stays out all year. He was a gift for me from the GG from the old John Leidy shop(s). Miss the man and his shops.

I have usually put my Santas away by now but this year I made a special plea to go through the ornaments to reorganize them and search for the two missing mini-Santas. So that’s on the list for this weekend along with cleaning Gertrude’s top oven, which has a SPILL.

Above all of the bric-a-brac, in the frame, is Ike the Fish. I bought him at the annual Sault Ste. Siberia art fair back in the Jurassic Age. Because he had WON FIRST PRIZE, I agreed to leave him with the artist until the end of the day so he could be on display. I drove the POC into town to pick him up and the GG created the frame from paper and other supplies from Hollander’s, which had a storefront and classes and all kinds of stuff but is now only online. Bookbinding and paper crafts have long been interesting to me but I think I will continue to take baby steps back into fiber arts.

And so now that I have stream-of-consciousnessed myself from Santas to Ike the Fish to Hollander’s, I think I will say g’night. At least I am no longer thinking about COVID and the cognitive dissonance of how too many people seem to be approaching omicron. Oh, hahaha! Cyber Ninjas is shutting down. Being in a tech biz, I had my doubts about them from the beginning.

P.S. I HATE that lamp!

2 Responses to “Santa Baby”

  1. Margaret Says:

    This was a very interesting post! I love looking inside people’s houses and seeing their treasures. (with the story behind them to boot!)

  2. Pooh Says:

    You have a Star Santa! Methinks NPJane would approve.