No COVID zone?

I don’t mean that I have it (not that I know of). I just wonder if I can manage to avoid COVID as a topic today. Probably not.

What did I do today? Put xmas away once and for all EXCEPT for my two remaining mini Santas. I did not find their companions. Alas. I’m putting the remaining two in a separate place for safety.

Cleaned one of Gertrude’s ovens, the top one, which got a spill in it the other day. She can self-clean her ovens but I have always been nervous about self-cleaning for some reason. In any event, this was an easy clean-up.

Mailed a tax bill. Paid the year’s car insurance bill. I waited until the last minute to do this, long enough that the GG got an email reminding him, which he forwarded to me. Yeah, I know when it’s due and how much and I pay it online and I even have a phone “alarm” set up so I don’t forget. Except. When I tried to pay it online, the “submit” button was grayed out. This seems to have happened before. I tried it on three browsers (phone, Safari, and Firefox). So with much trepidation, I called. Lo and behold, I got to a nifty menu option that allowed me to do it all without talking to a person. Yay!

Now. Again. I have not received a bill for the moomincabin taxes, which are due the end of February. The moomincabin is in a very small (population wise) township and they do not have an online option for paying or even viewing property taxes. Fortunately either Chippewa County, the post office, or I have klutzed the tax bill so many times now that I am well acquainted with the township treasurer, who seems like a wonderful person but probably thinks I am nutso. So I’ll email her and it’ll get done despite a few folks who think I am incompetent. You know who you are 🐽🐽🐽 (P.S. The taxes have ALWAYS been paid in full and on time despite various issues because I know WHEN they are due! Just sayin’.)

Alas, I can’t leave without a couple COVID thoughts. 1) WHY UNDER THE SUN are people going on CRUISE SHIPS? I have never been on one and the idea has never appealed to me but WHY NOW? Petri dish? 2) Here’s a link to a NYC high school student’s Reddit post. I am not a Redditor but I got this from Diane Ravitch’s blog. I have been following her for years but rarely actually read. At first I did but at one point I felt like I was just part of the choir and there are only so many hours in the day. But since I was a kid going to Stinkin’ Linkin’ elementary up in Sault Ste. Siberia, I’ve had strong opinions about schools and education and this one caught my attention.

Mr. Golden Sun has been shining down on us the last couple days. Until mid-afternoon today when ugliness suddenly started coming from the west. Predictions are not dire but we might get something overnight. We’ll see what we get.

One Response to “No COVID zone?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    From what I hear from my still teaching friends: covid and the lack of discipline or consequences for student misbehavior along with parent anger and aggression have made an already difficult job impossible.