Or would be. We lost The Commander almost 10 years ago. Can’t believe it was that long ago.

The beach urchins texted that today was her birth anniversary. I hadn’t forgotten. I was just feeling kinda well, I dunno, pandemic fatigued or whatever. Cranky at any rate and particularly introverted. I was NOT missing The Commander. I miss her but I don’t miss her last 10 months or so on earth and I’m sure she doesn’t either wherever she is.

Eventually I surfaced a bit and dredged up this pic. The GG replied that it was her last pic. Um no, it was NOT! He took her last pic and although it was actually a fairly decent pic, I don’t think I’ve ever posted it and don’t intend to. She was in a wheelchair at her assisted living facility in that one. She only needed a wheelchair the very last couple months of her life after a bout of c.diff acquired during what should have been a short hospital stay pulled her down. I won’t go into detail about that either.

In this one, she is modeling a new hat in her Dillon House kitchen, probably bopping around cooking dinner or whatever.

I bought her that hat. We were walking into the Sault Ste. Siberia post office one day and a woman was coming out with a gold sequined baseball cap. We were both amazed and the next time I happened to be using the water closet in Freeway Fritz, they had sequined baseball caps in all colors! I HAD to snag a gold one. She wore it regally, an American queen.

It kinda cracks me up that she liked this gaudy baseball cap so much. My mom went to work as a buyer at the downtown Dee-troit Hudson’s store back when she graduated from college and Detroit was a thriving city. Her fashion taste ran to something like understated elegance and I know she struggled with having a daughter (meeee) who was all into gaudy. Fortunately, she knew which battles weren’t worth fighting.

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  1. Isa Says:


  2. Pooh Says:

    I have some bedazzled Chucks, courtesy of Jay, that would go with that hat. The Commander was a wonderful aunt, and a force of nature!

  3. Margaret Says:

    That’s a very cool cap and she looks great in the picture! My dad too was ready to go at the end and we were (mostly) ready, although devastated, to let him. A dying person’s last months are not as pleasant or romantic as portrayed in films.