Yeah. If there was ever a day for a faaar in the faaarplace, this was it. Actually we get a lot of these days in winter in the Great Lake State. Today featured morning temps of 19 or so, dropping to 12 since then and probably continuing a downward trend. It wasn’t crazy-windy but enough to suck a lot of warmth outside. We try to keep the daytime thermostat temp at 66, lowering it to 60 for overnight. I’m not sure but it’s possible the GG may have raised it a bit. I can deal with 66 and a chilly wind and this is one house that has blankets up the wazoo.

My office is next to the Front Window(s). They are the original windows that the house was built with in 1959, a three-by-three set of panes with a kind of “ledge” below them that I can stand on to snake my neck around to look down the street, not to mention wide enough to put a laptop or two or three on when not in use. And little ledges to put Precious Things on below the top and middle set of panes. I am not strong enough to report how many years we’ve lived in this little “starter” house but I can’t count how many Window Scammers have come along asking me wouldn’t I like to replace my window(s)? Um, no. Jeebus.

Can I just say that all kinds of folks with the same ticky-tacky house plan all over the neighborhood have replaced their beautiful front window(s). I don’t tend to be impressed with whatever windows the neighbors have put in. I know that these people have probably replaced their window(s) in an attempt to get something more energy efficient. I have mixed feelings about this, feelings that I can’t sort out enough to write about for now. I personally prefer a house that’s a bit drafty than an air-tight one. I mean, wouldn’t that potentially court carbon monoxide issues? Of course that’s what my traumatically loud faaar/CO alarm is for, roight? On the other hand, if we are using more gas to heat our drafty house, we are contributing to climate change.

Tonight’s pic is not my front window(s), it is the faaarplace in the back room. Artifacts of interest above it include the caribou antlers my BFF found on a beach at Point Barrow (I may be mis-remembering the location) and hauled them back down south. The first leg of the trip involved her sitting “inside” them in a bush plane. From there they traveled to the lower 48 in an old van and we won’t talk any more about that. Caribou has resided with me for a long time but s/he belongs to BFF.

Below that is a memory controller from an Old Skool computer system at my childhood career. I covered for most people in that office including my [beloved] boss in those days and whenever I subbed for a computer operator’s evening shift, I had to deal with these mini-monsters and I HATED that I had to call a sys-whatever person when there was a problem because I would usually get his WIFE, who hated her husband getting calls from a “girl”. Jeebus woman, I am NOT crushing on your husband. I am MARRIED and trying to do my JOB.

P.S. I’m sure that whoever designed/built my house couldn’t have envisioned laptops sitting on that ledge or meeee doing my job from there.

2 Responses to “Veeeendchill”

  1. Jay Says:

    66?! I am impressed. I set the daytime temp over 70 degree. Nighttime down to 65.
    The thermostat is actually set to 68 for daytime, and was programmed that way when I was still working in the office, and not sitting in front of our non-functional fireplace. So every day when I get cold, I override the thermostat.
    Our house used to be drafty, but we did add insulation during our remodel. More than noticing warmth, we noticed the nearby freeway noise was markedly reduced.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve found my heat pump to be a cold and trickly heat, so I have it at 68 and 66. (also can’t have too much difference between night and day temps) Due to our cold weather, I discovered that a couple of my downstairs windows don’t quite close all the way. Getting them replaced will be terrifically expensive. I’m wondering if I really need to. Hmmm. I don’t want drafty but a little outside ventilation isn’t bad.