Keepin’ my head down

And embracing my introverted personality. Will it be enough? I dunno. I did go to the Plum this morning. I bought maybe 10 items and avoided ALL people. Well, except for my grocery worker. I knew she was there because I saw a flash of orange in the parking lot. I did get a hug from her. A quick and careful one. But how careful is careful any more? Ooooold memory. The older beach urchin once came running to me after watching Mr. “Raj” and an electrical warning after his show: Mom! Kids carful lucky-shucky! Yes indeed. Life was so easy then.

The title is how I answered MMCB2 this morning when she asked how I was. Keepin’ my head down TRYNA stay outta the fray. And then I added that I was also embracing my introverted personality. The personality trait that plagued me for so many years has come in handy during the pandemic. Nowadays when I meet new people like neighbors, etc., I label myself as a Friendly Introvert. Like I welcome conversation but I will not be ringing your doorbell asking to borrow a cuppa sugar in order to snoop or spy. Heck, if I need sugar I will BUY it at the STORE a couple blocks away or order it online or whatever.

Of all things we are at this moment in a crazy penny-wise pound-foolish argument although I think I just won. We go through these periodically. I always ask something like what the heck are we spending money on? Food maybe but there are only two of us so it’s not like we buy a whole lot. Automotive vee-hickles? Yeah, we’ve bought two new ones in the last few years. They replaced old vee-hickles, in my case 13 years old. The Ninja was still in top-notch condition but it was time. In both cases, I gulped and wrote the check. Because I could. Because we don’t spend crazy money on crapola we don’t need.

We both remember a time when The Gumper (my father-in-law) had a rebate coupon for something he bought at a Hoton Lake hardware store or wherever. I can’t remember the details but that rebate form was mailed to and from The Gumper’s Florida residence and The Landfill enough times that the postage exceeded the amount of the rebate. I loved The Gumper ANYWAY. What a good grandpa. I’ll never forget the time the GG handed our young toddler to The Gumper and she fussed until he grabbed a bowl of Fritos. Like who is this guy, OH, I guess he’s my (other) grandpa. The Gumper had 10 children and 19 grandchildren and knew how to mollycoddle toddlers. My dad had two children and four granddaughters and he did okay too.

Our Northern Correspondent sent me the pic a few years ago. It’s hummocks out by the second sandbar in the winter on the moominbeach.

2 Responses to “Keepin’ my head down”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The pandemic has been easier on introverts. I’m a social/outgoing introvert so I haven’t suffered a lot but it has been hard.

  2. Pooh Says:

    …Bye, bye, Miss American Pie, the good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye. Do you remember the day the Music died?…