Oh nothing specific, just a long fugly day. Mr. Golden Sun did not make even the teensiest tinesiest appearance ALL DAY and even though the temps were in the 30s, a bitter chill snaked its way into the Landfill.

I bagged my walk this morning because I thought the GG was gonna leave for a hiking expotition and I thought I would have some coffee with him before he left. But. He didn’t get up and he didn’t get up and he didn’t get up (this is unusual) and finally he announced that he had decided not to leave until tomorrow. Which was fine except I didn’t get a whooole lot of space-i-fication today. He did take a long walk and then a nap.

And then work was kind of slodgy. We made some great progress in a meeting this morning but then an afternoon meeting got canceled. Why? Because a key participant had to pick up their daughter from school. Why? You know why, right? Half the buses were not running, that’s why. Again, WHY are we doing in-person school right now? And again! I understand the challenges for parents of young children. Once when my kids were in grade school, we had a couple week teacher strike and I was BESIDE myself!

We won’t even talk about the supreme court. How under the sun did we get these people on the court anyway? Oh, don’t answer that. I know.

I haven’t been running the radio most days, at least not until late in the afternoon. Then I turn it on because I listen to National Petroleum Radio and that annoys the GG so he puts satty-lite radio on.

Word puzzles were a bright spot except for Wordle, which I TOTALLY BOMBED! My fault for carelessly reusing rejected letters.

And with that, good night!

One Response to “Ugh”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I share your frustration and lack of sunlight. Today was OK but I wasn’t out in it enough.