Photos, that is. This is the terlet carousel from an outdoor exhibit at MOCAD in Detroit. It was two years ago. It was supposed to revolve but the mechanism or whatever you call it was broken the night we saw it. I got close enough to the terlets to note that they had been scrupulously cleaned. When you grow up using an outhouse, you are tuned in to that kind of detail even if it’s not a working terlet. We had a drink at the MOCAD bar after and then walked a couple blocks to a restaurant. Yes. A restaurant.

I forget how long this exhibit lasted. It was basically a number of different “pavilions” and outdoor displays of all the stuff the rest of us donate to the thrift shop. And yes, I have seen terlets at Habitat. Of course COVID eventually interrupted the exhibit as well as museum operations. By the time people were starting to figure out how to safely resurface (what does “safely” even mean?), the exhibit, if I remember right was a royal rat-infested mess. (I’m sure it eventually got cleaned up.)

It wasn’t the last time I ventured out into a public place. That happened almost a couple months later. A few more Friday night dinners at the Oscar Tango. A couple dinners at Knight’s. A few more Saturday lunches at the Griz. A weekend at Tahq with a bunch of people in a shared house and meals at the Den of Iniquity Tahquamenon Falls Brewery. I remember a lunch where we squeezed in I dunno how many billions of people at our table. It felt like the virus was lurking but we didn’t know how close it was or…

Two years later and we are still not sure what’s going on or what’s next. It is a long slog.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    A long slog indeed. It’s interesting to remember the Before Times and how clueless we were (I was?) about what was lurking.