Dirty but happy

Mouse stopped by briefly in Oriole and later texted “Cygnus looks happy. Nice and dirty.” Oriole is Cygnus’s older sister and she is dirty a lot of the time because Mouse lives in the Manchester Mountains and those roads are a mess even on a good day. Cygnus is dirty because we had rain on New Year’s Day and I was home alone (happily) so I took her for a drive out on the back roads, which were Mud City that day. Don’t ask about the license plate. I tried to use the iPhone photo editing tools to block it out but I didn’t have the opacity set correctly and after I put it on Instagram, I realized you could see the number without too much difficulty so I fixed it more via Affinity on my laptop. If there is any nefarious entity out there who might use it to locate me, I’m not sure who it is. I do have a couple haters but they already know where I live and they aren’t very scary in the grand scheme of things.

Of all things, I was annoyed by Mr. Golden Sun today. He’s a TERRIBLE thing to be annoyed at this time of year but we were out driving around and he was SOOOO BRIGHT and soooo low in the sky and there are no leaves to block him and he was flickering throughout the bare tree limbs like crazy. If I were prone to headaches, I’d’ve probably had one. Fortunately I very rarely get headaches, last one maybe 10 years ago.

COVIDiots continue to annoy me to no end. My grocery worker texted today to report that maskless customers were coughing their way through the store every which way. Do they not care about their fellow human beings? Then there are all the facebook photos of groups of maskless people scrunched up together INSIDE. And all the snowmobiles parked outside the Cozy while their maskless owners drink beer inside. And a long unintelligible rant about how vaccines are CAUSING the virus. From someone I don’t really remember from my high school class although I have encountered him at reunions. (When I used to go to reunions. They were fun until I remembered I am not good at social stuff. It’s not the others. It’s me.) He’s a good guy and a responsible person but science? I don’t think so. Not that I know it all either. I certainly don’t. I do believe that the virus is “smarter” than us and it’s better to err on the side of caution.

A more minor annoyance is that I am now on plan C for dinner. Plan A was scotched due to a missing ingredient, plan B because it was too late to start it, so plan C it is. Uncle Peter’s pasties. Which are really good even though we don’t have any of his gravy and so will have to make do with ketchup 🤣🤣🤣

P.S. LAMB pasties! The GG will love them.

One Response to “Dirty but happy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The misinformation and lack of knowledge or respect for science are literally killing us. I don’t know whether to be angry or sad most of the time.