Milan Dragway on No Politics Day

Where do YOU take yer wiffe when she is CRANKY? The GG took MEEEEE to the Milan Dragway 🤣🤣🤣

And no, we didn’t go to a drag race. We actually don’t know if the Dragway is in operation these days. It looked operational but deserted but I know very little about drag racing. I’m guessing it doesn’t happen much in zee veeenter-time here in the Great Lake State although today would probably have been a fine day for it. I also don’t know what COVID has done to the drag racing sport in general. Probably not much given what I am GUESSING the general fan demographic is.

But today, we were gonna take a ride and I said, “Let’s go south,” and that was okay with the GG who apparently had it in his head to go SSE and poke around in areas we don’t often explore. When we were young and worked at the EPA, apparently there were a lot of folks who headed down to the dragway after work on Fridays either to race or spectate. I don’t really remember this as I am not a great fan of car races in general, nothing against people who ARE. So finding the dragway became a bit of a goal for today.

The pic is taken on Saline-Milan Road, which is heading more or less SE at this point and this was what Mr. Golden Sun was doing today. Note that there is only residual snow. We have had a couple bitsy little snowstorms this year but nothing significant. I am not complaining. We’ll get ours at some point. But there’s nothing like driving along a road with dry pavement on a brilliantly sunny winter day. Actually we were almost tooooo hot depending on what direction we were going, enough that we turned down the heat a couple times. (When you remote start Cygnus, she turns the heat up to 85.)

We toodled around the Milan area for a while. I noted that Azalia (correct spelling) was within range and I kinda wanted to hop over there and see if the ancient yellow Fiesta was still around but it was really time to head home and I kept my mouth shut.

No Politics Day ended with a Facetime Piedmont Chorus. Love y’all, KW.

2 Responses to “Milan Dragway on No Politics Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice to get out and have a mini road trip, especially in sunny weather. Hope it was a great birthday!

  2. Pam J. Says:

    A no politics day at home, with husband? May I ask what that means? As you can tell I’m fascinated with couples who don’t share political views these days.