The other shoe finally drops

Yes, a COVID birthday (over the weekend). Gee thanks. I didn’t actually bother to test but the GG tested positive last week so when I started having mild cold symptoms after sharing the monster bedroom with him for a few nights, I knew there was no way I could be negative. Why waste a test? BTW, he tested twice after experiencing symptoms. The first time, the home antigen test didn’t register a positive. A couple days later, he tried again. This time clearly positive, plus the first test had also developed a faint line of positivity.

Where did we get it? We do not know. I did NOT get it from the grocery store. I did GO to the grocery store early last Wednesday. I became symptomatic later that day so potentially *I* was a risk. I hope not. I did not get anywhere near anyone except my own grocery worker and that was a brief encounter. I should not have been there at all given his symptoms despite his negative test.

The GG engages in slightly riskier behavior than I do but he isn’t out hanging around unmasked at bars or basketball games or whatever. More trips into stores and I don’t even want to know if he masks for those or not. If not I do not approve but I’m sure my constant nagging doesn’t change his behavior. Mostly his activities are outdoor and that’s where he was last weekend, hiking the North Country Trail. One person he encountered on the trail said they had a “cold”. I don’t know how close he got to this person or how long he talked to them but I’m sure they were both unmasked so that is a possibility.

Mild cold symptoms for me, mostly an occasional light cough. I’ve experienced much worse common cold viruses. No loss of senses, except maybe my sense of sanity. No brain fog or anything. I was able to read and do my daily word puzzles with no problem.

I took Friday off but that was more a “mental health” day than anything, with my boss’s full support, i.e., I used those exact words when I told her I was taking a day. I am pretty much caught up with my current prodjects and wasn’t in the mood to futz around with back burner stuff. I also had today off for MLK so a nice long weekend.

If someone tells you they have a “cold” do NOT believe them. They almost certainly do NOT have a “cold”. The level of disconnect on this distinction is mind-boggling yet I myself fell for it. If you have symptoms, test intelligently – either do it more than once or obtain a proper PCR test. If you are positive STAY AWAY from others. If you or anyone you live with have “cold” symptoms, quarantine until you are positive that you are negative.

When I have reached negativity again, I will return to my VERY LIMITED grocery shopping activities. I will (for the time being) be a little less nervous about in-person shopping but will continue to MASK, distance, and make quick early-morning mad dashes, out of respect for others. Especially the people who WORK there.

P.S. My grocery worker has very kindly dropped the few grocks we’ve needed over the weekend on the porch and my AWESOME facetime coffee buddies have also offered to shop but I politely declined them.

4 Responses to “The other shoe finally drops”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    So very sorry to hear this, and it is surprising but if it’s omicron maybe it is just that contagious. Will you feel a bit empowered when it’s over — I mean, with the extra immunity? I can’t predict how I would feel if I got a case, a mildish case. Safer for a while? Not sure. I’m not keeping up as much with the hypothesizing on how/why/where/when people get infected with this variant. Hope you keep your taste and smell. My son, who lives with us, got it in September but Doug and I did not. Hard to figure.

  2. Margaret Says:

    What a bummer that someone as careful as you ended up with this stupid virus! It shows how contagious it is and how sneaky. We thought we had colds too and tested, but only because the kids had just flown from New York. It actually was a cold but SO many aren’t. I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually get it and probably from John who likes to go into stores and babysits his granddaughters sometimes (who go to daycare); I’m just hoping that I won’t give it to my mom. Sending you healthy and negative thoughts!!

  3. Paulette Attie Says:

    I am so sorry to. hear this knowing how diligent you have been, Anne. Hope it is over quickly. Numbers are ramping up here. Four friends told me they tested positive this morning. They do a lot more socializing and had greater faith in not getting a breakthrough case. Me? I am a hermit with snowshoeing and dog walks to delight me. Take care.

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I was shocked to read this because I know how careful you have been. Probably the MOST careful person I know of. I’m very glad it’s mild and that you can still taste and smell!