Better late than never

Moon pic, I mean. It’s a waxing gibbous from Saturday night. The little lights at the bottom are associated with the elementary school on the other side of “our” woods.

Back to work today. And couldn’t remember ANYTHING about what I was doing at the end of last week, which was Thursday. And training? What training? This training is something *I* need to lead. I was working diligently on it last week. I had totally forgotten about it. This wasn’t really virus brain fog. It was more that COVID dropped its big old boot into my world last Thursday. It kicked the ball and I had to locate the ball before I could pick it back up. Fortunately Amazon Woman forgot to actually SCHEDULE the training 🤣🤣🤣. Also fortunately, I had FINISHED it last week! This training session is something we do for each of our software releases and it is NOT a threatening event. Plus AW and I have done it so many times now that we are continually improving it, tailoring it for its unique audience, etc.

MMCB DMed me links to those government COVID tests and they both said they had already ordered theirs. MMCB1 said something like, “I want to get them before tomorrow when the web site will crash.” This absolutely cracked me up because I don’t think most governmental entities at any level have a clue about how to build a web site. Not to mention that they can’t really afford to pay for one. I am not *exactly* complaining about this, just that you get what you pay for.

My team approaches even miniscule changes to our web application with great care. We agonize over everything from the design to the testing. We work really well together and get paid well to do our jobs. I remember the 2016 (or was it 2020) Iowa Caucuses where people were supposed to use an app to do I fergit what. Vote or whatever it is that happens at caucuses, which I don’t really understand. When that bombed all I could think of was something like, “Whose nephew got paid to create it?”

I am fine. The GG, who is a couple days ahead of me, did a 17-mile hiking day today. In Ohio. I don’t really approve but I can’t bind and gag him.

It was the 2020 Iowa Caucuses because Buttigieg was a candidate.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I ordered mine and 4 for my mom. It will be nice to have them. 17 miles! That’s amazing.