Winter camping

The Lyme Lounge usually gets mothballed up at the UU’s house for the winter. This year it was taken out so the GG could take a hiking trip to Ohio. Although he is doing his own hiking, he is also helping support a North Country Trail thru-hiker acquaintance. She has a very interesting blog with hiking stories along with a lot of historical notes, etc., from her hikes. Much more interesting then yer fav-o-rite blahgger’s bunch o’ blather. The GG is mentioned in one of her recent entries.

He was supposed to travel to Ohio last Thursday or Friday but of course our lives went sideways for a few days so he didn’t leave until Monday, which I thought was even still a little soon but he hiked 17 miles yesterday with no ill effects, so I guess he’s okay. He’s a couple-three days ahead of me COVID wise but I am also fine. I also maybe had a slightly lighter case because I did not have trouble regulating my temperature or feel fatigued. Except for the extreme mental fatigue you feel after spending two years staving off an invisible monster that eventually stomps smack into your life ANYWAY.

He was packed and set to go last week with bags and boxes of crapola all over the living room. Then he couldn’t leave when planned and kept dipping in and out of his packing to get various items and by the time he got down to his Ohio campsite, he was without some of his carefully packed food. This was not a surprise.

This pic he sent of the Lyme Lounge actually looks pretty good. It is a 13 foot trailer with water, lucky-shucky, and heat but no bathroom facilities. I had lobbied for a terlet when we ordered it but am now glad he overruled me. Too small and there’s always black water disposal to have to deal with. In fact, if we weren’t relatively small people (5-1/2 feet or thereabouts), we probably wouldn’t fit in it. In the summer, when I often use it for my office at the moominbeach and sleep in it when we have a crowd, it is usually a pretty cluttered up mess.

Lookin’ good right now though!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It looks great! John’s camper does have a bathroom and shower but I avoided using them unless absolutely necessary. Didn’t want him to have to deal with it.