Say the quiet part out loud? Say what?

Can we just stop with all these buzz word/phrases? Please? This cute little phrase has come up within the last week and although it has apparently been around for many years (I googled) I still have no clue what it means or how it applies to current politics. I fergit which election it was (Obama/Romney or that other one with the former guy?) we were double-downing or triple-downing or quadruple-downing or whatever.

Can’t we all just speak plainly? Oh, how do I say this… If we use standard English declarative sentences to directly express our thoughts and ideas MAYBE others will understand what we are saying? Maybe? I am so sick of how divisive our country has become and I think not using direct plain speech is not helping.

The pic is not from today. It’s from last year. I took the compost out and turned around and WOW! There was not a lot of snow last year. We have less this year. Whatever.

One Response to “Say the quiet part out loud? Say what?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve just heard this about McConnell’s comment and had no idea that it was a buzz word. Is it supposed to mean that someone says something controversial that they believe out loud? Many years back people used to comment ALL the time, “I know, right?” It drove me crazy although I realized that it was an affirmation of what I was saying. After the 1000th time I heard it, it grated on my nerves.