Rodent Delivery and a Quick Green Lizard on a doldrum-y January day

I needed just a couple of grocks today. Okay, I probably didn’t NEED salmon spread. Although I am feeling FINE, I have very light, very occasional lingering congestion so when my rodent offered a grock drop, I accepted. I think I will resume in-person shopping in a few days under my own strict rules of course. It’ll be two weeks this coming Wednesday.

Before I do, I want to deal with the remaining Mother’s March items so I can start anew. It’s not really all that bad, just wanna find the “floor” of the freezer and refrigerator.

And then, a quick green lizard called me. Both of my beach urchins are highly intelligent (not bragging and I bet y’all have really smart kiddos too 🐸). The older one comes with a kind of quick quick quick tempo. I remember when she was about 10 and she talked sooooo fast I had trouble keeping up with her. Bladladladladl. Today, the not-always-all-that-quick GG texted a picture of the Counterfeit House in Ohaaaaao. Somebody asked what that was and he texted, “I’m looking it up.” Within about a nanosecond, the QGL had already posted a link.

We are not really phone talkers in this fam (except for the GG), we usually text. I think she sussed that I was feeling a bit, uh, doldrum-y, today. I sometimes get a bit low in January (not every year). It isn’t depression, more like lack of motivation. COVID didn’t cause it this year but it was definitely a factor. Psychological fatigue? Yes.

Anyway her phone call was a great help today. I can’t help but think that she got some of her quickness from meeeee because I have been historically labeled “nuclear powered.” This could sometimes drive The Commander a little crazy and it brought back a funny memory. My parents were visiting and we were over at the Westgate Kroger. They had one cart and I had another and somehow we ended up at the same place in two aisles with shelves between us. I can’t exactly remember what I heard The Comm say but she was being cranky about my “speed.” She had no clue I was in the next aisle. I said something back and Grandroobly just totally cracked up.

One Response to “Rodent Delivery and a Quick Green Lizard on a doldrum-y January day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am kind of speedy and intense too. I walk at a brisk pace without thinking about and get some grumbles from those who prefer to stroll.