Mindless (or not) gaming activities

You knoooooow us NYT xword / spelling bee folks are now playing Wordle too, roight?

A beach urchin sent a link to a substack comparing Candy Crush and Wordle. I read it but didn’t do a deep think on it although I got the overall gist.

Here’s my confession. I PLAYED Candy Crush for a while. Maybe about a year? It was after The Commander died and during a horrific period of time when an unscrupulous lawyer was bombarding me with hostile, threatening letters. I was like, what the heck did I do wrong? I still don’t know and that’s because the answer is NOTHING.

I think I segued to Candy Crush from Angry Birds. I actually had The Comm playing Angry Birds on her iPhone for a bit. She actually UNDERSTOOD it at a basic level but wasn’t necessarily able to deal with the meta stuff, like advancing to new levels, etc. At least not without help. But she was 90! You go girl.

So Candy Crush. For a while I needed a mindless kind of thing to do in the cracks of time. I was doing the xword (although I took a bit of a hiatus from that a few years later) but Candy Crush somehow filled a space in my brain. For a while. All of a sudden. I. Just. Quit. Cold turkey.

I have returned to the xword and taken up the spelling bee and now Wordle. Of course! These are all as addictive as Candy Crush but I think they have more intellectual value. I don’t EVER share my Wordle on social media but my daughters and I share all of these games with each other via text.

No shame if you play Candy Crush!!! It’s kinda like we all have our own guilty pleasures. Like cheesy rock songs, etc. Lizard could probably tell you some of mine since she has a bunch of my old albums and can so tell when I played a song over and over and over and over and over again. Those are the best albums Moom. Indeed.

The pic is Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge on a cold camping night in Ohaaaao. Kinda looks like Mooon Yooonit has sparklers on her roof and I doubt he was playing Candy Crush or any word game but he could well have been playing solitaire 🐸

4 Responses to “Mindless (or not) gaming activities”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Regency romances by favorite authors are my guilty pleasure/mindless entertainment. I do Wordscapes, Jumble Crossword and now Wordle although I never post about any of it on social media.

  2. Jay Says:

    I just started Wordle after a coworker sent me a link. I do enjoy the minutes of my day spent there, and with one per day I won’t idle away too much time. There are enough other activities where I spend too much wasted time.

    I think I need to retake up knitting, so there is something to show for my time.

  3. Pam J. Says:

    Wordle is great. I did have one frustrating day because my brain simply wouldn’t accommodate the absence of rules, for example using the same letter twice. Robot! I’m glad you posted a picture of the Lyme Lounge (the car, right?) and the Moon Unit (the trailer, right?). I’ve never been clear what they meant. So husband drives off and camps overnight alone with the MU and the LL, right? In another life I’d love to do that: wave goodbye to housemates, drive off alone, and spend a night or two totally alone. Sounds like heaven. Not that I have anything to get away from but solitude is an underrated pleasure.

  4. Isa Says:

    Well, now I am on the hunt.