What hat did you wear today? I have worn many hats in my life. My current hat is what the web app industry calls a BA (business analyst). For a long time I was a BSA (business systems analyst). I can’t remember my current title but it is some kind of engineer. My job didn’t change one iota, just the title. I do not know what the bean counters were thinking and I do not care. As long as I get paid. I continue to call myself a business analyst or BA. I used to be part of a BA team. It ranged from two to four people. After a retirement and a horrific series of lay-offs, I am the only BA.

Today my boss and I were discussing some of our next enhancements and she was emailing various people talking about the BAs. She is as good or better at my job than I am but she is also a MANAGER and so also good at what other people do, like developers and QA folks. So suddenly what came into my head was that she was wearing her BA hat!

So then I thought something like what does a BA hat look like? Well. I have four faves.

My summer hat. A Sunday Afternoon hat with a big brim and a long “tail” off the back. I now own five or six of these in various colors. Most of them are at the moomincabin but I definitely have one here. The pic was taken in Crazy Old Florida a few years ago, on the beach on Long Boat Key.

Then there are the winter hats. First up, my trusty old ski band. Once I actually went inside the Kiwanis Thrift and a woman said something like, “You are wearing something that I made.” Yes indeed I am. It’s amazing who you encounter in the thrift shops. People DO want your stuff.

And then there’s my smartwool balaclava. It is just about the most comfortable head covering ever. I do look a bit like a thug in it but my long wool skirt probably helps with that. And then there’s that Pinocchio look…

Finally there’s my sparkly bomber hat. I’ve posted about this before but it is one of the last gifts The Comm gave me in her life. I think she struggled with this but in the end decided it was okay. Thanks mom.

One Response to “Pick-a-hat”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You look good in hats. I wish I did! I’ve been wearing too many hats lately: mom, counselor, caretaker daughter…it’s been exhausting.