Sun is swinging up

This is me w-a-i-t-i-n-g f-o-r-e-v-e-r to hang a louie outta the Plum Market parking lot. I am not 100% symptom free but it’s been 14 days. I feel GOOD but I’ve never really felt ill, a few early days of feeling a bit “in the grip” of “something”, but that left and otherwise it’s occasional light congestion. So I masked up and did a mad dash for a few items. I did not go near ANYONE! I am a Uscan Ninja. I’ve probably been using Uscan musheens since before the wonderful young folks who run the guest counter were born. I did not cough the whole time I was in there.

Thinking of making an early Meijer run tomorrow. For one thing, Meijer is handing out FREE N95 masks, three to a customer. We’ll see. It’s supposed to be in the low single digits tomorrow morning. I can do COLD but we haven’t HAD COLD for a couple years. But Cygnus has good bush warmers 🐽 (a derogatory term for seat warmers). I used to needle the UU like crazy for buying Caddy-lacs and things with bush warmers. Then we bought the Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen (2011 Subie Outback) and I became addicted to bush warmers. The Frog Hopper served our family for many years but is now gone. The young father who bought it was experienced with old / high-mileage vee-hickles and scrutinized our maintenance records, which were probably 99% complete, so we felt comfortable selling it to him. He knew what he was getting into.

Selling the Ninja (Honda Civic SI, 6-speed manual) was a whole different thing. It was older than the Frog Hopper (2008) but had fewer miles, ran like a top, and looked fantastic (repainted via recall). The GG put it on Craig’s list on a Sunday afternoon, almost immediately got a call and an hour later… It… Was… Gone… It was “my” car so I was a little sad. Probably good that it happened as fast as it did. I miss her sometimes and occasionally wonder if she misses me as a driver, since we sold her to a young college man (and his dad). I’m sure the young man doesn’t do the zen driving that I usually do. Then again, maybe she was bored with my driving. To be complete, we handed over our complete maintenance records on the Ninja too.

So, rattling along about automotive vee-hickles. Boring as all getout. I do not have any kind of brain fog or spaceyness from breakthrough C-you-know-what. Aside from ONE day off that I took as a mental health day to “process” my ANNOYANCE about the situation, I have been working and even holding my own against Mr. Bear. That can take some brain power 🤣. And I am doing my three word puzzles successfully every day. No loss of taste or smell. Took me a few days into all of this to even think about that but nope. Thank you god or whoever!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m so glad that you’re feeling better! Another blogger is experiencing the loss of taste and smell and it’s driving him CRAZY!