This is what I got from Ohaaaao today. These are not the gals the GG is hiking with. I’m not even sure these are gals.

A bloggy friend posted some scary pics today of storm drains that had their covers removed. She’s a walker / runner and was astounded that somebody would be stupid enough to remove them. People are pranksters, especially young people. Once when our kids were very young, we were taking a family bike ride and a couple of “older” (middle school?) boys were holding a rope across the street such that if a little kid (or anyone) was biking along, they would run into it and… I don’t *generally* scold other people’s kids, especially kids I don’t know, but you can guess those kids got an earful. Not that they necessarily listened. What an old witch, roight?

Maybe what was ringing in my ears is the time my uncle told us about when he was on ER duty and had to deal with a snowmobiler who encountered a wire that beheaded him… … … It seems kind of pointless to transport that person to the ER but I’m sure there are protocols I know nothing about. I also may not be remembering this entirely accurately but I know he saw some horrific stuff. I’m glad he’s not around to have to deal with the damn COVIDiots. He definitely had to deal with Polio patients.

Our storm sewers (that’s what we call them here) are kind of “built in” to the curbs so it would be pretty hard to fall into one, not to mention remove the cover. I do walk in the dark most of the year and I do walk in the street a lot, depending on whether the street is less icy than the sidewalk.

So I was thinking about this and Baby Jessica popped into my head. She fell down an abandoned well in somebody’s back yard and we watched for days while rescuers tried to get her out. And then *that* reminded me of Cecelia, the 4-year-old ONLY survivor of a Daytwa Metro passenger plane crash. The plane crashed on takeoff and we aren’t close to the airport but we are under the flight path. For days I wondered if I had heard/felt the crash but in the end I talked myself down off of that ledge. Nope. I was a young mother then and both incidents happened to girls close in age to my girls. These incidents are google-able but I’m not gonna provide any more info because I have sussed that one of these women does not want to be found and I respect her desire for privacy.

I can’t end on that note so on the positive side, I snagged three N95 masks today (at 0-skunk-30) courtesy of Meijer Thrifty Acres. Kroger is apparently handing them out too. Get ’em before they’re gone! Honestly, I wanna say that the government should’ve ramped up manufacturing of these masks back in 2020 and sent them out to EVERYONE but they didn’t because we had the idjit former guy and he was pushing hydroxychloroquine and shining lights up you know where. “It’s almost like a cleaning.” Oh, shut up.

G’night. KW

2 Responses to “Rambling…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Since I have N95s I would feel guilty taking any more of them. They are the best, but not as comfortable as the KN95s around the ears. I WAS appalled and had nightmares about someone falling into that storm drain (full of water) and not being able to get out. They would definitely drown. Or a car wheel getting stuck in there. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Mouse Says:

    …tha muc mòr!