Wild turkey and pea soup (and halibut)

First of all, I did not take this pic. 🐭 and 🦝 went to Hoton Lake to ski and hike and 🐭 texted this to me so I’m shamelessly using it.

My main activity today besides a Mad Dash to the Plum early this morning (it was four degrees above zero) was making pea soup. I don’t make soup very often except for the occasional gazpacho in the summer. My lizard makes soup often and I am always intrigued when she texts that she’s making soup. So I asked for a recipe “book” of her soups for xmas. It didn’t actually arrive until My Frickin’ COVID Bday but that was okay. I was in no rush. It is also not in book form. It’s a zip file full of recipes and that’s okay too.

So I tackled pea soup today. Not that I haven’t ever made pea soup. I think our problem with soup recipes are that we always end up with too much to use up quickly and I know I could freeze it but when I do, I forget it’s in there and then months later, well, maybe you get my drift…

This was based on a vegetarian recipe but I was encouraged to add some bacon, which I did along with some Canadian bacon that needed to be used up. A point for Mother’s March. It was good. There is a 3-quart saucepan full of it in the fridge. We’ll see if we finish it.

Halibut? 🐭 made a gorgeous halibut sweater. I’m not sure if she used a pattern or designed it herself. It could go either way. When she was in high school, she worked in a yarn store. People would come in and, judging her by her youthfulness, would direct questions to the proprietor, who would often say you’ll have to ask 🐭 about that. She’s the expert. When I was checking out my grocks this morning, one of her co-workers wished me good morning and asked me if I’d seen the sweater. Yes, I have. Some of the folks over there know I’m 🐭‘s moom, others do not. I mostly keep it quiet. I’ve been shopping there since it opened and 🐭 was doing study abroad.

2 Responses to “Wild turkey and pea soup (and halibut)”

  1. Isa Says:

    I should note, one of the advantages of soup for me is that it sets me up with a lunch or dinner for a few days! And one that doesn’t make much mess to clean up ☺️

  2. Margaret Says:

    Soup is warming and goes with everything: some cheese slices, half a sandwich, some fruit. It keeps well and (in my opinion) is even better a couple days after it’s made. I thought you’d actually eaten halibut and I was very jealous.