Revised downward

Predicted storm total, that is. 12-18 inches? 1-2 feet? I can’t remember exactly what the latest is but it isn’t anywhere near that high. This doesn’t surprise me. Sounded like we were gonna get a bunch today (and we did as you can see) and then another big bunch tomorrow. Last I heard I thought they were saying one inch tomorrow.

Everyone working from home today. Those who are gainfully employed that is. The Pensioner was awfully quiet all day, reading, napping or both. He earned his keep with his snowblower late this afternoon. Another family member with an in-person job called off work for the first time *ever* and couldn’t even figure out how to do it. Me? Online with colleagues here and in India where some people have probably never seen snow although our folks are quite sophisticated and likely well traveled. Probably a lot more well traveled than I am.

Groundhog Day means winter is half over, on the calendar I mean. Any groundhogs in our yard today could definitely NOT see their shadows and I forget what that means. The movie is one that we’ve run into randomly many times on TV and we like it but I don’t think we’ll seek it out tonight. I kind of got “over” it during The Commander’s last couple months when I got “stuck” in Sault Ste. Siberia and every day took on a certain sameness. I would walk down the escarpment to the hoosegow or assisted living (whichever place she was) every day and hoof it back up at the end of the day and watch Crappy TV before crashing out. And I mean CRAPPY. Honey Booboo, Toddlers in Tiaras, and some stupid show about sorority sisters. You do what it takes to get you through the tough times.

And that’s all I got for today except that straggly bush on the right kinda looks like a tyrannosaur🤣 Cheers!

One Response to “Revised downward”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a beautiful photo! I’m glad you didn’t get as much as predicted. I’m glad to be retired when the weather is inclement. (as long as I have enough coffee and food!)