15 minutes of fame

So I posted a couple pics on Instagram last night. The dark snow photo from yesterday’s post and this one of the GG blowing snow with his yooper-sized snowblower. This morning I woke up to an email asking if I would permit this one to be published in the A2 Observer, a longtime highly regarded monthly local/area news source. This was once paper but it now has an additional online presence.

The Observer didn’t just randomly find my pic on Insty. It was the publisher (I think that’s what he’s called), who is one of my followers and a longtime personal friend of ours. We’ve known each other since our kids were in elementary school together and later because both families were heavily involved in the Ann Arbor Young Actors Guild all the way through public school.

His first wife and I were board members of that sometimes cray-zee group. She had this fantastic sense of humor and I can still remember times when things were particularly cray-zee and we would be emailing back and forth and I would almost literally be rolling on the floor laughing at some of her messages. Our executive/artistic director was BRILLIANT and we LOVED her but it could be challenging to deal with her at times. Most of us are. She is still alive as far as I know although YAG is defunct. Our friend’s lovely wife died quite unexpectedly in 2004, on a deep, dark December day. He has since married another lovely woman but I still miss the first one.

I gave my permission to use the photo but didn’t ask anything about when or where it would be published so I was a little surprised when MMCB1 messaged me this afternoon that the Observer had posted my photo. The problem is I can’t FIND it! Even though I follow the Observer in various places. So I can’t link to it. Here’s a link to the Observer. I’ll post a link to the actual pic when I figure out where it is. It’s basically the same pic with a caption. Aaaaand here it is!

One Response to “15 minutes of fame”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I thought it was an excellent photo and am glad the experts agree! That is sad about your friend’s wife. She must have been quite young.