Dog Doorman

I do not have a dog, therefore I do not have to serve as a Dog Doorman. Fortunately the GG can serve as his own doorman because can I just say in and out and in and out and in and out ad infinitum. There was a lucky-shuckial problem with the Lyme Lounge and his new parts arrived today except for something he had to go to the hardware store to get. Only one trip today though. Anyway he went in and out the door enough to make me feel a bit dizzy! But he eventually fixed it as he usually does.

I finished a boooook yesterday that I LOVED. Klara and the Sun. I was aware of this book but was eyeballing it with much trepidation. Why? Because I read another book by this author a couple years ago. Never Let Me Go. Oh boy, this author is a great writer but that book totally creeped me out and there aren’t very many books that creep me out (Echo Wife did NOT for example). A beach urchin pointed me to Klara and I started it AND COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN! There were Goodreads reviewers who did not like it but I got the distinct impression that they didn’t “get” it. I hope this isn’t a spoiler but if you were not created with human biological eyes, how would you “process” visual input?

Because I liked Klara so much, I have now embarked on a much earlier book by the same author, The Remains of the Day. I like this so far. I was puzzled about how a Japanese author would know as much as he does about early 20th century British culture and history until I read that his family moved there in 1960 and he was educated there. My bad for not even looking at his bio on GoodReads.

I had a Japanese uncle but he did not grow up here. It’s too long a story for the moment but he was 60 when he married my then 70-year-old [eccentric] aunt. I don’t know a whole lot about their story together. I do remember that they visited my parents in Sault Ste. Siberia before they were married and even though they were mature adults (like older than 50). The Commander wasn’t exactly sure how to accommodate them. She put them in separate bedrooms but giggled when she told me she could hear them shift rooms during the night.

Tatsuo and my aunt Roberta were up there so he could try to make some sort of deal with the Native American tribe out at Bay Mills. He struggled a bit with that culture. Little kids were running in and out of whatever meeting room they were in. He called Big Abe (a popular bar owner and not the chief) Big Chief. I can’t remember what he called the actual chief but some other guy was Big Mouth. I’m not sure anything came of that meeting.

I think this was before the casinos came to town. There are probably people who complain about the casinos but the tribe / community has become a great asset to their own community as well as ours.

3 Responses to “Dog Doorman”

  1. l4827 Says:

    The Midnight Library, a very good read. Starts off slow, but stay with it. It’s just refreshingly reaffirming. -D

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve heard of the book and author but never read anything by him. I need some absorbing reads since most of my latest books have been meh.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I just finished Cloud Cuckoo Land and loved it. The Birch Point Book Club read “All the Light You Cannot See” two or three years ago. It’s by the same author. I know you read “Cloud Cuckoo Land” also.