Turmeric soup

Did I want to go to FlaMan’s place today? Well, not really. If I could apparate to FlaMan’s and back that would be one thing. I didn’t wanna drive all the way up to Flint (an hour) and watch Gunsmoke for a couple hours and maybe make an “emergency” run to a drug store and then drive home. I worked all week and I wanted to make soup.

And so I did. I tried a turmeric broth soup with chicken and cauliflower and kale and Japanese noodles. I had to laugh when a daughter cautioned me about how to get the kale leaves away from the stem or whatever it is. I don’t use kale all that frequently but I do use it and I always tear the leaves off the stem. Once I wasted a few minutes of time watching a YouTube video that promised to tell how to remove kale leaves from the stem. What the heck? This person used a big f*cking knife to cut the leaves off the stem?

FlaMan seems to be doing well despite his younger brother’s unintended attempt to infect him with covid. The GG visited FlaMan a day before he (the GG) began showing symptoms and hadn’t tested positive even two days after. The GG was in fact positive a couple days afterward but it seems that he did NOT infect FlaMan, who has lung issues. We love FlaMan and are happy about that.

More talk about my own experience some other day.

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