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Cute kiddo, eh? No I am NOT biased. Not at all 🐽

This would’ve been second grade with Ms. T. When we bought The Landfill, this little imp was on the way and one of our main factors in selecting our location was that there was an elementary school behind it. And a WOODS! The school is situated so that there are literally NO streets to cross between it and our house. The Landfill, while not fancy, has been a good enough house that we still live here. Even paid off the mortgage after 13 years. And we have always had great neighbors. I always say something like, “This is the only house on the Planet Ann Arbor with a woods behind it that we can afford.”

This little rapscallion had a pretty special relationship with Ms. T. It was Ms. T. who realized that our kiddo had “inherited” a placement in a lower reading group than where she belonged. I knew this but wasn’t sure how to address it, not wanting to be THAT parent. But you know that a kid who reads Nancy Drew books in first grade doesn’t need to be learning basic phonics in second. Not gonna address the controversial subject of reading groups now or probably ever. I am not an educator. Anyway, before I had to figure out an action plan, Ms. T. caught on and moved her to the top group.

No school is perfect all the time but our elementary school worked out well for us overall. I would say that this little urchin went through with a particularly “good” cohort. Mostly decently socialized kids and LOTS of supportive parent volunteers. We weren’t quiiiite as lucky on the second time around but overall the kids made good friends and so did I. I remember getting shooed away by multiple teachers because we would tend to hang around outside classrooms gabbling like crazy after dropping off our kids.

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    I’m worried about what my grandson will be facing when he goes to school. The schools are a mess right now. Cute photo!