The girl in red

This is one of my current fave walkers here at TeleCubelandia. I watch a daily parade of walkers, bikers, runners, dog-walkers, and a kid(?) on a moped. Actually I dunno if he’s a kid. I can’t see his face but he is “small”. A young man in any case. He gives a little toot just to the north of my house, which makes me want to connect him with the older woman on the northwest corner. She walks in the direction he comes from just about daily and once JUST pre-COVID when I was taking my garbage carts out, I commented (buttinsky that I can be) that she wasn’t wearing a hat in freezing weather, she said, “I’m just going to my son’s.” But who knows.

Some of these characters have not changed since March 2020. LofPnet across the street but he hasn’t changed since we moved here and he lived with his parents 🤣. Bequet Force of Nature and her parents next door to the south. John and Peter from around the corner. I miss our neighbors to the north, who took daily walks with their young daughter and dog. They moved to California last summer and have a second child by now. The people who bought their house are wonderful though. They are also interns (at least she is, I dunno what he does) so it’s likely they won’t be here forever.

There are other people I don’t see any more. Like for months that first year a kid, I mean a tween or young teen, walked by every day. A small kid with kind of glorious long curly blond hair. I didn’t see him any more beginning fall 2020. I dunno if he doesn’t walk by here any more or maybe he grew six inches and cut his hair and I don’t recognize him.

The girl in red is new this winter. Or maybe she is also a regular that I don’t recognize because she doesn’t wear a puffy red coat when it isn’t cold enough for one. I wonder if I’ll recognize her dog and therefore her when she eventually doffs the red coat.

Of course this girl In red is a woman, not a girl. When I was a little kid and we used to walk to Canananada (that means we parked our cars and took a ferry), there was a wonderful restaurant called The Girl In Red. We would walk to Canananada and our parents would buy us little tartan plaid skirts at Eaton’s(?) and I kinda fergit what else. I always wanted to go to The Girl In Red but didn’t always get to go there. I don’t remember too much about TGIR except that there were very fancy pastries and a treasure box of some sort. And I think the usual funk-fugly ladies’ room down a dark set of stairs.

Alas, TGIR burned down sometime in the 60s and was not rebuilt. I sorta remember this but I am in a facebook group based in the Canada side of Sault Ste. Siberia and occasionally TGIR comes up and EVERYONE from the Canadian side remembers the faaaaar and misses TGIR.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My neighbors are somewhat the same except for a few new ones who are also friendly yet not intrusive. I’m very fortunate. I love the contrast of the red with the snow!